If Only.....

Some hope. Having grown up with 2 brothers, I know better than many girls that the **** is the only bit of a guy's body that matters to him. I have always found it weird that boys think about them all the time. I mean, aren't WE supposed to delight in dicks?
Guys think about everything in terms of what it does to their wiener or nozzle.
I think all selection panels for EVERYTHING should be entirely staffed by women. That way people would be chosen on their suitability for whatever it is, not on whether they are females that dicks find exciting or males that dicks are jealous of as rivals for those females!
Until boys stop deciding everything on whether it appeals to that tiny - sorry guys, that large - growth between their legs, WE SHOULD RETAIN CONTROL.

thealong thealong
26-30, F
Jan 17, 2013