Really ??

Now why would anyone want men to stop thinking with their dicks? I do some of my best thinking with my **** head and so do a lot of others.  If it wasn't for **** head brains the population of the world would be almost nothing. We would be on the endangered species list. Ladies--It's our **** head that allows you to talk us into things like marriage even though we know the consequences of it and still we'll **** the hell out of you.
I realize that only men can understand what I am saying because women only have one head and therein lays the problem. All of their thinking needs to be done with one head and therefore everything is interconnected. One thing goes wrong and the whole head goes whacky.
Men have two heads and therefore can compartmentalize things. If something goes not our way it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the thinking unless we think the sex is worth it.
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well said!