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Feminism. I hate the word. It doesn't suggest an equality agenda at all, moreover a one-sided argument for females. What is that about?

Not trying to sound argumentative, but if you want one word that promotes equality across genders - "feminism" is an appallingly bad choice.

You might as well have a new word called "menism".. or better yet, come up with a word that accurately encompasses equality as a whole, and doesn't take sides.
emptyroads emptyroads 26-30, M 1 Response Jul 12, 2010

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Do you even KNOW what the basic tenets of Feminism was about? Back when women had little to no rights, Feminism offered many women opportunities to get out of their oppressed state. They could choose to continue down the traditional road of being housewives or they could choose to do something else. The point is, options were made available to us.

There are now Feminists (including men) who have expanded these beliefs to include justice for all regardless of gender. Feminism has evolved. There does not need to be a new word invented to sate people like you.

If there does, then we should call marriages between homosexuals a completely different thing.

I get that feminism was originally about equal rights for women. As valid and worthwhile as that is, it is now more than that, it is about the reduction of sexist views whichever the gender. Which is why a better word is needed. Something that represents both sides. I don't think that is unreasonable.

Sexist views will happen no matter the cause. It will always happen. I've explained that Feminism has expanded to include justice for all. It no longer focuses on solely women. There are those who have branched off and believe that Feminism should SOLELY be about women though. Those are the ones that people tend to hear and ***** about. I understand what you're saying.