They Exist Only One Reason

The mens clothes are exists only one reason, not all mens tried or worn womans clothes at least two day long. After that experience i think the mans clothes are sonly remain only the pages of the history books... They have more color, of course the material is softer, its fit perfectly... The millions style available. The handbag is a great invention, didn't need to pack all of our stuff in the pockets... it have enough space for everything. The fully loaded pocket looks good only for soldiers. Seriously, a womans handbag can hide a whole army :D If a woman pack out her handbag, Mac Gyver will run away crying... So i can said only that for the other mans: try womans clothes, than throw out your boring mans clothes... Come to the colorful side of the world.
VivienXX VivienXX
26-30, T
Aug 9, 2010