I'm Okay, The Rest Of The World Is Nuts

We got labeled like soup cans and given meds to make us feel "better" and function like the rest of the world. But they didn't tell us that besides the weight gain, we would want to sleep all the time, we would have health problems down the road and if you have side effects we will give you another pill to help that then another pill to help the side effects of the side effect meds and so on. They also didn't tell our parents that giving us Ritalin was setting us up for addictions later down the road. They didn't tell us that most of our family and friends would walk away. And they didn't tell us that taking the meds would stop our emotions. That didn't tell us that society in general would shun us like we were contagious. What they did was make us believe we could not live without meds and we would be able to join society. And they said there would be more funding to help but that's the first programs to get cut. Now tell me if that's not crazy.
I could stay angry but why bother? Just wasting what time I may have left on this Earth being miserable. Like someone already said Life is suffering along with everything else. You got to take all life has to give-good or bad, then deal with it and move on.It's simple- "Life just is." I have several tags that stuck on me and I no longer take meds, I just deal with it. I have always known what the best cure was but got lost and forgot. Nature. Camping, hiking, fishing or just exploring, alone. Silence puts all thoughts together and helps me re-charge and put things in the right perspective. I don't like most people any way, being fake just to look good in everyone elses eyes and making themselves miserable because that's not you they really are. Plus I have physical health problems and don't take pain pills or whatever I may need to feel better. But I'm honest and I smoke weed. Don't care who knows it, my doctor knows. I get anxious, depressed, or can't sleep, I smoke. I have stomach problems so I smoke weed so I can get hungry enough to eat. So if you tell me that if you don't like my blunt honesty and my attitude, just walk down the street cause I ain't got time for obstacles. I am just me, like me or leave me because you won't change who I really am.
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so you picked up weed because you were put on ritalin that is a choice that reasoning could have prevented. I mean you well but i now suffer from a mood disorder and its because i too suffer from all that you do and once chose to self medicate with weed as well but once i realized that i should in good faith that i should go get diagnosed and get the medication that i know is directly suited for my suffering. Once i started feeling better i knew that i didn't need to continue with the street drugs. In my own honesty with myself i knew that i had to admit to myself that the weed was going against what i knew to be right. That was a personal choice dispite the fact of how readily available it was by those closest to me. The stigma associated with lables and weight gain are not worth the actual relief that proper medications can provide. And with faith and determination and a positive attitude people can weigh the pros and cons of the proper medication vs. Self medicating with cure all marijuana. I hope the best

You shouldn't feel bad for smoking weed. <br />
It's only illegal for political reasons.<br />
(Energy, textile & paper industry Lords benefit from prohibition)<br />
Smoking anything is bad of course.<br />
But vaporizing it does not hurt your health.<br />
Neither does mj intoxication increase chances <br />
of dangerous behavior, like alcohol or stimulants.