It's Shrinking...

First the Pluto got too small for a planet and now it seems that Mercury is following it! It is in the news: Mercury is shrinking! Are the planets somehow obsessed with their weights and figures and diet themselves out of planet category? Which planet is the next? I sure hope they don't spend too much with Earth and give it unhealthy ideas. ;)

Fennella Fennella
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8 Responses Jul 4, 2008

Thanks for the hint! I just noticed that Google has placed some dieting ad's next to this story... shame on them, giving more bad ideas for Mercury! ;)

Not if you hold them in Finland in the winter, everyone will be too afraid to leave the warmth of the indoors. :P

Oh, I think those shows might be quite something... my small audience might try to do anything to get out of there after 10 minutes... ;)

You guess? Ingrate. ;)<br />
<br />
Well, it's quite possible that the only people who'd go to your shows would be Redgone, Cinders and myself...<br />
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Tate could drag protoype along...

Thank you, I guess.... but then again I remember reading that you're easily amused.... ;)

No, seriously. You're a pretty funny gal, really. Between the obsessions of ornithologists, the women marrying inanimate obects, dieting planets... you've got some varied and enjoyable material.

Oh man, inner stand-up comic too!? Don't you think it's getting a bit too crowded inside of me? ;)

!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
Hahaha!!!<br />
I wondered what this was about... and now I know... it's exactly what the title says it's about. :P<br />
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I think you have an inner stand-up comic, personally. :)