Mike Rowe Sex Kitten Video

This is classic.  Enjoy!


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6 Responses Feb 9, 2009

:) uhhh...? <br />
<br />
I sense a distinct lack of appreciation for Mike Rowe's inherant sexiness and snarkiness (which, for some of us, go hand in hand). Tsk.

yeah, he looks way better after he put on some pounds! love watching him .. i always get a great laugh

Yeah, he has a beautiful voice!!! If you love his snark, go to Youtube and search on Mike Rowe QVC - you'll see why he got fired from QVC three times! And also, see him about 50 lbs thinner...he looks MUCH better now.

That was fantastic! He certainly his FINE! I watched his show one time when he did the whole show while in a hot tub, recapping old shows. Man! That was fantastic. Did you know he used to be an Opera Singer?

Yeah, love it when he busts on Barsky, Troy and Doug....

thats so funny ... nearly fell of my chair <br />
he is funny and man, he is so cruel to his camera men <br />
love it <br />