I Do Agree!

He did a show at a place near me where I almost applied for a job!   They make herbal products and his show was about shampoo made of mud!   After I saw the show I almost kicked myself.  If I had gotten a job there I could have met him!

One of my favorite episodes is the one where they are trapped by the monkey Paddy.  Mike even looks good with a breath-right ***** on his nose!  You can get free desktop wallpaper of him (minus the breath-right *****!) at Discovery Channel's website.

I also like the show where he's trapped inside the church bell when it starts to ring, and the one where he is catching watersnakes and keeps getting bit!  He really does have a snarky sense of humor.  That's his charm!  That and the fact that he is fine to look at. 

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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

Oh yeah! ;-)

Mike Rowe is a real man. No make-up, no movie-star treatment. He gets down and dirty. And he's sexy as all get out.