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Ok. Forget the fact that i have a thing against disney. Forget that her music makes my ears bleed. Forget that she could easily start a cult and have little girls everywhere follow her command.

I have tried to give her a chance. Really! But i have listened to some of her interviews and i can truly say i don't like her. Sure, I have never met her in person. Maybe she is not as bad as it seems. I just find her to be full of herself and is going to have a very messed up life.

Her one song makes me LOL and go crazy when it is on. I hope people don't mistake my amusement of her "talent" as actual enjoyment of it! haha 

Tacit Tacit
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it's always those Disney stars that want to show the world how "grown up" they are when they forget that it was Disney that made you.
Remember ol Britney? Host of the Micky Mouse thingy back in the day? And now where is she? nobody knows or cares. She did that one "im back tour" but other than that, I doubt anyone is screaming for britney to come back.

UGHHH!!! Thank God someone agrees with me! Her voice is enough to make me wanna jump through the tv/radio and ring her neck. Now they make shirts at walmart that have a music pla<x>yer that plays one of her songs in it. My cousin just bought her little girl the shirt, so you can imagine how bad I can't wait to throw it in the garbage.

Argh I hate her. Did you see the new 17 interview where she describes herself as "big boobed and curvy"? Shes uses the word voluptuous! I'm sorry, what?

Lol, Wading.<br />
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I agree that the media has a lot to do with it. I sometimes feel sorry for her as well. She probably didn't have much of a choice because of her upbringing. I feel she less a person and more a product being sold to the masses. The whole situation with her bothers me.

Consider the gene pool. Nothing of any depth could ever rise from something that shallow.

I personally feel sorry for her I blame the media for some of the problems not all of them mily has made some poor choices. If they would just leave it alone maybe these pop stars wouldnt go off the deep end! then again maybe not. I guess its what you sign up for when you become a teen star. Most teens go through this crap the only difference is that the ones that are not in the lime light nobody notices . I don't personally follow miley too much my 12 year old son watches her show, all I see is a poor girl that has been catapulted into fame and is getting perpetually thrown under the bus by the media which is beginning to cast a negative shadow on her life. If she wasnt famous nobody would be calling her annoying. some of the blame should also go to the public relation people that promote these girls I think the push them too far too soon and it just messes them up.

I agree with you about Disney, tacit. Talk about the "evil empire"! And Miley is just another in a long line of corporate commodities manufactured to bring in maiximum revenue (to wit: the now human-train-wreck known as Britney Spears). Having any actual talent is beside the point.

Lol probably. She is definitely doomed though. Her life will not end well.

she's probably going to over dose someday on something.

Exactly!<br />
It drives me nuts!

omg tooo!!! She makes me gag!!!!When her nasal voice comes on the radio I could scream!!!!I'm sure she is a good kid ,but I wish they would ban her from the radio!!!hahaha

omg tooo!!! She makes me gag!!!!When her nasal voice comes on the radio I could scream!!!!I'm sure she is a good kid ,but I wish they would ban her from the radio!!!hahaha