My Lifetime Story!!!!(:

well hi my name is Trenidee. I like oralando .I go to Brownsburg schools.I have 2 sisters Raven 6,Justice 1,me 10 i have 1 cat her name is joe joe

IJustin bieber . My favorite name is justin or chisten. my DOB is 7-16-1980 my favorit food is Chinese only general tos Chicken that all i eat

ohh and my bff foreve is  in my class we l known eachother  well me&brenna known eachother since we were 2 her dad and my uncle have been friends  since they were 5  im . well my aunt lori died feburary 29 2010 shse was born in 1963?but i know shes 41 she had lung canser but she did not smoke well that is my lifetime story!!

Oralando Oralando
Mar 6, 2010