Made For Each Other

I feel "Mirror" is the worst invention, for that is when Humans started becoming selfish by looking more at themselves, as against nature's intention of an eye through which we can only look at the other, and not as much at ourselves.

Sure all would agree, that without mirrors, it is definitely impossible to have a look at our back, or our face.

So can we say Nature Made us for Each other,
where we take care of others and taken care by others..
where we see us as them and them as us

and there by went against nature's wishes and spend more time correcting the image on the mirror which is a horizontal flip of us.. and thereby denying the time for the other.

And rendering all our BACK side dirty since we can never have a look at it on our own, and never can we flip it to front to clean it.. and thus we selfishly assume that we always clean our back while taking a shower...
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I think you have something but what the Heck would I do without my mirror, I being a woman can tell you, I have a love hate with it.

Sometimes "mirror" is subconscious self.....have you tried ever looking in mirror and asking yourself will always have honest reply...cause conditioned mind of viewing yourself on mirror ...never lie to projected image.One never answer questions rapidly seeing mirror...everybody give "pause" and then reply....try this and let me know:)

hahaha... I used to do it to test my acting... but later I started using "emails to self".. to know about me.. n I did scale a lot of heights that way..