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Need ideas to vote on, for the cause of helping sir sagsalot get a new avatar. This is more important than curing aids so work hard.

Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
15 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Beanies are good but i dont think a trucker type hat would be good on you.

What kind of hat?

lol awesome.

It is my favorite hand sign.

I think you should also make a peace sign if you use yourself in the pic.

O the fun glitter can cause others.

And sidetracking for a moment re: the glitter mouse. We have a Thanksgiving Day parade here, sponsored by Macy's Department Store, that features giant balloons. One year the Mighty Mouse balloon began sagging during the parade...a mouse had chewed a hole in the commentators excuses for Deflator Mouse jokes. (It's an opera town, so some folks got it.)<br />
<br />
And now back to our regularly scheduled moo-banter.

Sticking a bunch of glitter in birth day cards is fun so when the person opens the card it gets everywhere.

See it was a good idea after all!

You are the artist.

Maybe you should hang your computer mouse in front of your face and take a picture.

The cup was awesome so i have no idea why, but it is time to move on. Maybe you have something else to put in front of your face?

What is with you and broken things? first a broke back now a broke finger?

You got a lot more skill at drawing then i do, but you drew a womenz with a very bad back problem and she is now dead so you need a new one.<br />
<br />
Race car might work or maybe a shoe.

How 'bout a race car?