Idiot? Only In His Attempts To Manipulate The Voter.

Romney is an elitist; a rich man who doesn't understand America's common culture. He understands the culture of the rich, the powerful, and the ruthless. He plays their games very well and has profited greatly from business practices most Americans would consider unethical, but which are completely legal thanks to men like him.

Yes, he is an idiot when it comes to manipulating the American people, political spin, and making a lie stick. But in the halls of power, he is a master at manipulating and abusing the system to further his own personal wealth at the expense of American jobs and America's future. He is well connected with the super rich and international corporations who have billions of dollars in Super PAC money with which to try and buy the election for him.

He's smart and dangerous. We can't forget that, or he will own us.

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High five Mr. olddreams.