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Mitt Romney. Could anybody be more clueless? 47 percent of Americans are hopeless wastrels, says he. That's why we want to get our hands on all your off shore accounts, Mitt. We want to tax them so that we can lie around all day and do nothing but eat Cheetoes and laugh at you. Ahahahahaha! At YOU, Willard Mitt Romney. Quick!  Fire somebody  so you can feel better.


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To answer your question, of course! YOU, for example, are far, far more clueless than Mitt Romney could ever be.


Well...at least you are honest about it.

It doesn't matter whether you are Republican, Democrat, independent, or apolitical, if you don't think a large portion of U.S. citizens want freebees, you are delusional. I'm not talking about retirement or Veterans' benefits or the like either. I'm talking about people who were born in the U.S. and have done nothing positive for their community or country. I've know people personally, and I've prosecuted others professionally, who fall into this category. 47% is too high, but I worked in a city where around 45% never graduated high school and the unemployment rate was similar. Yet, those same dropouts loved their government checks. As a side note, they also leached off of their girlfriends who actually worked and went to school.

How awful to despise almost half of humanity. Is your face composed in a constant sneer?

What's worse is that you despise him even more than you surmise that he despises the ne'er do well leaches you love so much.

Its funny how politics work. Honestly, its the truth that Romney was never significant enough to be dispicable. He still isn't. Its hard to despise the fading memory of a blip on the radar.

Making an honest statement is a far cry from despising what you describe.

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You have no clue on what you are saying. Shut the hell up and we all would be bett4er off. Romney is a real man and Obama is not and never has been nor is he a real leader of the free world.

A "free" world would need to hold an election to choose a leader and,as far as I know, there are no plans for that. May your child be blessed with good health and disposition.

"And disposition." Annie, you crack me up.

Long time no read! Good to see you, Eve. : )

I need to get in more often. ;)

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That, of course, is a lie. He never said that. He truly has respect for everyone, unlike the pathetic little man in the White House.

Hey, thanks so much for this comment and for pointing me back here. I love that song!

I'm just going to say this. The lesser of two evils is Mitt Romney. I want a President who gives to those that deserve rather than those who do nothing. I also want a President that does not strategically grant amnesty to illegal immigrants just to get their votes. I want a President that's for Capitalism, which is how this country was built. I want a President that cares about the military and does not cut their budgets back. (FACT: Military tour time was cut from 12 months to 9 months so that they do not have to pay for mandatory leave after their tour. Also it cut back on other military services that soldiers need.) I want a President that does not need a telepromter. I want a President that is worthy of this country and its people. Mitt Romney did say 47% of Americans do not pay Federal income taxes and it is the truth. He said nothing about people being lazy. I will say some of the Obama generation is looking for hand outs because he just seems to think flinging money all over will make this economy better which is not the case.

Hello? Watcha talkin? Obama did not create welfare. And I've driven a school bus for twenty years. The most respectful, friendliest students have been the immigrants. Bar none. They come on the bus laden down with books. sit in the back and study or have friendly conversations and never get into fights or cause trouble. They are motivated. They speak about their parents with admiration and respect!!!! "Mom said this. Dad did that." They talk like this about them all the time! They blow me away. If we lose this generation back to their home countries, we are losing treasures and will be lesser by far for their going. President Obama has as a main goal of his administration to aid the Veterans coming back from these wars and he is doing so. The waste of the Defense Department in all other matters is legendary. They can get by with less. President Bush used a flip book for his speeches. ITs so funny to recall. Each cardboard page had maybe three sentences at the most on them. He'd read the sentences then flick the page with a smirk on his face...."nailed it" President Obama is a normal person, from a normal background, and with normal interests and valures. Mitt Romney has lived in a cocoon of privledge and had a distorted experience of life that is foreign to 99 percent of the rest of us. I don't know who you hang out with, but everybody in my life is doing the job of two people and being paid the same salary. The lazy people are those who send the maid down to pick up the annuity and dividend checks in the mail box. Thank you for the read. Vote Obama

Obama created his own special kind of welfare. more people on unemployment than ever before in the history of our nation...10% have given up looking for jobs - ever, in addition to the 9% who are still trying. Food stamps recipients have qradrupled in just five years. The national debt has doubled in just five years. ?Soon printed dollars will not buy ****. Foreign governments are already working on a new international monetary standard. When that happens, you'll need a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread.

The problem with all you lazy *** fools is that you just don't get the catastrophic nature of Obama's socialist agenda. You are pathetic. I can't wait to see you living under bridges and eating out of dumpsters. It's coming. And YOU voted for it.

What I find funny about your reply is none of it has any basis or facts at all. You are using pure opinion fed to you by the liberal media. Mitt Romney may not be the best candidate but he's better than a man that is ruining our country piece by piece with his tyrannical form of governing. Did you know that the state Mitt comes from is not in the red like most of the country? So obviously their part of the government is doing something right. Did you also know that Obama has put this country trillions of dollars into debt, which is more than all previous presidents combined? Did you know that when it comes to military you have no idea what you are talking about because military can barely get by as it is right now? I'm a military wife, I know what Obama's budget cuts do first hand. By the way I never said anything about 'immigrants' I said ILLEGAL immigrants but you were reading between the lines. Illegals take from this country, they have no right. Americans who work hard deserve what they get. People who come to this country should go through the red tape. It is not a right to be here, it is a priviledge. Illegals take away our hard earned tax dollars because they cannot afford medications, surgeries, and alike so we end up stuck with their bill. The same goes for those Americans feeding on Obama's handouts. His health insurance bill is going to sink this country and MY children and grandchildren will be paying for it. President Bush may not have been the most amazing President this country has ever had and saying things like you did about him just make you look ignorant and uninformed. The reason he spoke the way he did was because he had poor diction and two over lapping accents. Not every President is a wonderful speaker and a large majority of them have their speeches written by other people. If you really listen to anything Obama says there is nothing actually said. It is all a ring around the rosy game with him, say what you want to here kind of speeches. Some people are not good at memorizing I know that buy I know a 7th grade girl who memorized Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech and spoke it to a school. Obama's platform is weak and no one really knows what it is about. The "lazy" people Mitt was talking about were the generation about my age and a generation before that. The percentage of people living off of this country is astounding. People on SSI and/or SSD are often in need of it. It is very hard to get, since you have to jump through hoops and go through a lot of red tape. He means people that are on welfare because they do not want to get a job or think they cannot due to the economy. The funny thing is there are tons of services that they can go thought to get a job. No excuse to say you cannot afford school, not with the amount of grants, scholarships, and financial aid out there these days. Temp agencies, it may not be a permanent job but it can step a person up until they have enough experience to get a permanent one. Job councils, they prepare people who have little to no work experience and help them to build the skills they would need for a job. Another problem is a lot of these welfare people have children, what they do not realize is there is often low incmore or free childcare available to them. So try giving me fact that Obama is a good choice, I do not want "here say" or "CNN said". I want research.

In that case, can you give us somewhere to look up all the stuff you just mentioned in your "opinion"? After all, your not actually IN the military as I was. And I had a wife as well when I was in and she never really found herself to be an "expert" on the military. So let's get busy my friend. I'm ready to be "enlightened"!

You 'were' in the military, you are not now as far I read? Were you out before or after Obama came into office?
I never said I was an expert, just because I may not be "in" the military does not mean I do not keep myself informed on what is going on with it. I never really cared about politics until I realized what Obama was doing to our country and our military. If Obama is providing more services for our Veterans that is neat but he is cutting back on the military that is still serving and that is a problem. They deserve respect as well because even when their comrades are deployed, they stay back and have their back and protect our homefront.
Also, very little of that was "my opinion", it was a break down of facts I have come across while reading about what is going on in our country right now.
I stated my facts so I do not understand how you can be further enlightened with what Obama had done to our military.

Actually, Obama has cut spending on VA hospitals and veterans' health care. It is a fact and you can look it up. Do your own damn homework. Hint, CNN and NBC are owned lock stock and barrel by the Democrat Party. The presidents of both organizations have family members working in the Obama whitehouse. that ain't for nothing.

The military guy's allegiance to Obama is too funny considering that the Democrat Party tried to have military absentee votes in thrown out in 2012, same as Gore tried in 2000. Too funny that you think Obama is looking out for you. Hilarious in fact.

Oh, I'll get you some links to read up. It'll take me a bit since I do not remember, off hand what books, articles, and other forms of relatively unbiased information.

Cclay, you have ten times the fortitude I do. This Lizzy Lady has her mind and sensibilities made up. I hate talking "at" people like this....it really feels like talking to a wall and she should feel the same way. Lizzy? I honestly can't bear to hear how you think. Honey, good luck and may all your fears be for naught.




Annie, funny thing is, I'm talking "at" you. I provided facts, if you provide me with facts I might take your reasoning into consideration. I refuse to be blinded by smooth words with no action to go with them.

Good for you. That's how it should be.

Lizzy, there is a real danger that drastic cuts to the defense budget are going to happen automatically. This is because of a legislated trick the House Republicans employed and voted for called sequestration. During the last budget impasse, they passed the debt ceiling only under the conditions that when the next ceiling came up, if cuts were not made...automatic severe cuts would go into effect ....this is the so called "fiscal cliff" and it is a form of Republican fiscal blackmail. You can lay the blame totally on their laps.

As opposed to Democrat fiscal suicide. Swig that Kool-aide, Annie.

Where did you get your information? I would like to read it.

Oh for heaven's sake....its common knowledge! I read the NYtimes everyday. Listen to NPR news. Watch public tv. I subscribe to newsfeeds. I check out google news daily etc etc. You're young, not every occurence in the world needs to be fit into neat little categories.....conservative or not. But in this case, the conservatives held up the debt discussion because they were having hissy fits against the idea of the rich paying as much taxes as they did before Bush cut them and that's the God's honest truth.....look it up. The Defense Dept is being cut because The Republican Congress are intractable.

NYT & NPR are NOT authoritative un-biased sources. No self-respecting scholar would ever quote either of these Democrat propaganda organs.

Americanprogress is a known communist front organization registered with the FBI.

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I think he is about to beat Bush's stupidity! He should just be elected, start a war on Iran, and then he will be officially in a competition with Bush!

Warmongers. Have you been monitoring Fox news? Holy Macaroni! They are back to full out war propoganda mode. Romney and Bibi would make a great pair, wouldn't they? THe two horseman of the apocalpyse.....Mayan predictions....here we come! *Please, in the name of God, I can't look at a President who self tans for four years. His dyed black hair with those little white tuffs of "wisdom grey" at his temples? Awful.

Looks like conservatives will have the last laugh...we're getting ready to get into a shooting war with Syria and Russia. Gee, thanks Obama and your idiotic supporters.

I'll respond somewhat to everyone here in this separate comment although it will be just like smashing my head up against a brick wall:

A Considered Point: Capitalism is a wonderful thing. Businesses exist for the purpose of making a profit. Unprofitable businesses fail and do no one anywhere any good at all.

A Considered Point: I am a democrat. I believe that an ethical and competent federal goverment is not only achievable , it is necessary for a civilized society.

A Considered Point: The free market is not all its made up to be . Irrational exuberance and plain ordinary fraud have crashed this economy time and time and time again. Goverment is necessary to regulate our markets.

A Considered Point: Mitt Romney is a corporate raider. He has made his fortune by working the system. He believes this system needs no regulations....He is wrong.

Now, go ahead. INsult me. IT doesn't effect me at all. I don't know any of you people! WHy would I care?

OH, and last but not least. Taxes are not such an awful thing. I won't tell you our rate, Its pretty high....we hit the sweet spot and don't use accountants and I don't care because we work to make our livings and then value life and living much more than the almighty dollar..... there I have spoken. Don't bother to show me the error of my ways. My values are set in stone.

haha - - he do provide a great deal of ammo, don't he??

: )

No one is hiding the full transcript. It is out there on MSNBC as well as elsewhere. He wants to help those poor falsely entitled people who think of themselves as victims to have jobs? As though a lot of them don't? Could he be more patronizing?

He revealed himself, his real attitude about class. And if you want to talk about entitlements, let's talk about the entitlement of many of the wealthy in this country, the Koch brothers and Mitt Romney being prime examples of such.

These falsely entitled lazy people do NOT PAY INCOME TAXES, Eve! Don't you understand.... what nerve they have! The deserving are those who PAY INCOME TAXES! That's the barometer. The more INCOME TAXES you pay, the worthier you are. INCOME TAXES determine who or who is not worthy of Mitt Romney's executive considerations. Mitt Romney is a tool. And, by the way, where are his income tax returns. HUH?

Where are Obama's? Huh?

Like it or not, taxes fuel this country. People who pay taxes are deserving of more consideration that those who subsist on wine and welfare checks.

What hypocrisy! Let's just ignore the over-all tax burden of payroll taxes, state income tax, and sales tax as a percentage of total income paid to taxes. And the military in combat zones, let's make them pay more taxes--the lazy bums! Grandma could kick in a little more from her nursing home--Come on!

And he thinks giving us more info from his 2011 return is enough. He lives in such a bubble that he doesn't know how far off the mark he is.

All of the taxces you mentioned are self-serving taxes...they simply pay for a protion of the services these people use, and not a very big portion at that. None of those taxes go to pay for infrastructure, national defense, interest on national debt, or anything else that doesn't come directly back to them. The point is, the 47% don't pay enough taxes to cover their own benefits, which is why the 53% have to pay into the general fund to cover the shortfall. any citizen who doesn't make a contribution to the costs of keeping this nation moving doesn't deserve to vote since they have no 'skin' in the game.

You're so right. And he's so wrong for us. Eve, how can we let them write in the history books that we experienced one of the worst economic collapses of our history, then turned around and voted in as President one of the biggest winners of the financial industry that caused it! We'll look like that idiots that WE are.

I suppose you are referring the the Lehman Bros execs that got fat cushy jobs in the Obama whitehosue after running off with billions in bonuses paid from 'stimulus' funds written on the backs of the working class. Your ignorance of the machinations of the Democrat Party power brokers amazes me.

you got that right

Really? How about George Soros. He's richer than the Koch brothers could dream of being. He bought the Democratic Party for Obama. He personally put up a billion dollars to get him elected in 2008. Soros made his money in hedge funds, same as Romney. Guess that's like Halliburton. Clinton lets no-bid contract to Halliburton during the Balkan War, that's a good thing. Bush admin lets a no-bid contract to Halliburton during the 2nd Gulf War, that's a bad thing. Soros gets rich In hedge funds and buying and stripping failing companies, that's a good thing. Romney gets rich through hedge funds and buying and stripping assets from failing companies, that's a bad thing. You Democrats are nothing if not hypocrites. You have mastered the art of duplicity and ignorance.

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Hmmm...I believe what he said was that 47% of Americans do not pay federal income taxes. Actually, the real number is about 49%. I actually listened to what Romney said, and he merely stated a fact. He certainly did not insiuate that the non-tax paying community was lazy. Only the left-wing media spins this in the manner you describe.

Romney is pointing out a problem. Government continues to grow, requiring more tax dollars to operate. Yet fewer people are employed than before Obama took office - i.e. the tax base is shrinking. Additionally, there are more people are dependent on government assistance today than ever before. It's really very simple - it's an unsustainable approach. Want to raise taxes on the rich? Afterall...that is the Obama mantra. The part that Obama doesn't tell you is that tax hikes on the rich will add 10s of billions in revenue (maybe) when the government is spending trillions. It doesn't solve the problem. It only makes those that hate the rich feel better that the gov't. is sticking it "to the man."

BTW - I am not rich, and make no where near $250K per year. I'm a middle class citizen.

I believe Obama will raise everyone's taxes...maybe not our federal income taxes, but there are many other forms of tax increases.

He said they felt entitled. He said they expected their food, housing and medical needs attended to. He said he could not worry about them. He is an idiot and will not be President.

Which is true. I find no fault in his comments. They are true.

The tax base is shrinking and unemployment is rising because the holders of capital, those who are sitting on piles of wealth..... people like Master Romney, have figured out that labor is nothing more than a cost in the pursuit of wealth. The rich don't need the rest of us, dear, and Mr. Romney is at least honest about it.

No, it is because people stopped working. The Dept of Interior posts signs in every national park asking people to not feed the bears lest they become dependent on the handouts and forget how to fend for themselves. Too bad the same bureaucrats can't figure out that Pavlov's theory applies to all creatures of the animal kingdom.


With all due respect, you are wrong. The tax base is shrinking because fewer and fewer people have jobs. Those companies that are "sitting" on their money do so because of the economy is weak and because of anti-business policies created by the current administration. However, the biggest job creators aren't large companies, the biggest job creators are small businesses. And they AREN'T sitting on piles of money as the current administation wants you to believe. Small businesses aren't hiring because the economy is weak and their business simply is not growing.

My small business isn't hiring because we are apprehensive of Obama's health care law and its eventual impact on our business. Successful business owners don't take unreasonable risks...a concept that is lost on Cheetos-eating freeloaders.

Anti/business policies? Please, explain. The holders of capital are having childish hissy fits because they are afeared.....of shadows!. Thanks for the respect. I appreciate it....we live on two different planets....thanks for visiting planet normal people. : )

What to **** would a freeloader like you know about business risks?

Listen, we need a job bill. Tell your buddies in Congress to sign up. We're going to reward the job creators, penalize those who hire overseas. Get on board, Righties. Obstruction is counterproductive

Tell that to GE, the biggest tax dodge in the US and a 100% supporter of Obama. GE shipped ore jobs overseas since 2008 that any other major corporation in the US, but....they own NBC and NBC execs have spouses that work in the Obama whitehouse. NBC is nothing more than the official propaganda organ of the Democrat Party, 100%. Silverspoon Ted Turner has been in the Democrat Party pockets since it began broadcasting. None of these people have ever had real jobs. Obama hasn't worked a single day in his 50 years on this earth. How's he going to ever create any jobs.

And no - Romney did not say that about the 47%. What he said was that it would be better if people were employed so that they wouldn't have to rely on government assistance. He understands the importance of a safety net for those truly in need.

Regardless, I doubt seriously that Obama gets re-elected. Notice how Obama won't talk about his record, the economy, etc. Instead he and his administration focuses on trashing Romney, dividing the country by waging class warfare. It's Jimmy Carter vs. Ronald Regan all over again!

Geeze, Romney flat out divided the country into two parts in that speech in front of his fellow fat cats! And admited that he will not be concerned with half of us! That's class war fare, plain and simple. You want to talk game? Jimmy CArter was a terrible politician... Obama is not, and he has President "Bubba" Clinton on the trail, schooling the nation .....Are you kidding me? I can't wait to see Michelle's Inaugaral Ball Gowns, the woman has impeccable taste.

Clinton 'schooling' the nation? On what, how to get ******** in the oval office. LMAO

You do know that you are bald-face lying, no? the media caused the controversy, Romney never said any of those things you falsely accuse him of. Typical Democrat...don't confuse them with the facts, their narrow minds are already made up.

That fat **** has impeccable taste? Good God woman, she's been a revolting embarrassment everywhere she has traveled across this planet. Laura Bush has more class in her toenail clippings than that fat pig will have in her entire lifetime.

YouTube? For real? Imbecile.

Get a clue, my leftist low sloping foreheaded friend. Jobs bill? Why in the Hell do we need the government to step in create jobs? Weren't jobs promised under the iniitial $787 billion stimulous? We were promised - pass the bill - and the unemployment rate won't go over 8%. It's still not under 8%.

As for anti-business policies...we have nixing the Keystone pipeline, the drilling moratorium off the Gulf Coast, wonderful energy boondoggles such as Solyndra, Ener 1, Beacon Power, Abound Solar, Spectra Watt, Eastern Energy. Then there is the whole health care fiasco. The selective bailouts of certain financial institutions, auto industry. Preferential treatment for labor unions and supporters. It is crony capitalism at it's best.

US Comptroller General testified before Congress that the Obama administration LOST THE MONEY!...they could not account for most of the $787 billion bailout. Typical Democrats, its OPM, why worry?

I'm sorry, my frontal lobe is too low...its obstructing my vision can't read your words of wisdom. oh well, its off to the clinic for free medical care! Tra la!

Don't forget your rabies shot.

Except that's never actually free. Someone actually has to pay for it. But I suppose you don't care...as long as it's not you.

I am a non caring low frontal lobe person. Yep. Got me pegged. : )

May the best man win.

Not a chance with this low-info, illegal alien-infested electorate. This will go down in history as the most corrupt election in the nation's history.

Try the full version of the video - it's 18 minutes, and not the edited version from Mother Jones and now on YouTube you have posted here. It will give you a little context of what Romney is actually saying. All of it is true, by the way...just not heartless as the left-wing has spun this.


YOU actually voted for Obama and expected change, and now you are disappointed? That is the dumbest ******* thing I have ever read.

Hey, it was only $160 million dollar party. Why the sour grapes.

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What I find equally as amazing is the people that are taking up for him. Whilst sitting in a hospital waiting room on Tuesday, I was talking to a guy sitting next to me. He started out about he was tired of supporting that 47%. The sad part was, he was there because his elderly mother was having heart surgery (as was mine). He had also told me that he himself was disabled and on SS disability, all while being six years younger than me. His mother had never worked, so she never had any money go into Medicare. He himself had been disabled for almost ten years due to a heart attack and two years ago he had a quadruple bypass.

I simply pointed out that he, his mother, and my own mother were in that 47%. Talk about getting pis*sed off. He was livid. Needless to say, he found another seat at the opposite end of the room. A guy sitting across from me said that he never looked at it the way I explained it, and there I sat thinking that people really haven't put much thought into what Romney actually said. They haven't really thought about it from the perspective of their own lives. Talk about class warfare, Romney just launched a major attack, but didn't protect his rear flank.

Its all a question of framing. They've painted Obama as the "other". He's not one of us. Baloney! He's more one of us then Richie Rich Romney ever could be. Drives me nuts....but I won't argue about it in real life, I just steam in private...It was brave of you to point out the obvious in the waiting room.....I"m grateful for this outlet on EP. Thanks for joining me, Brother Obama supporter. : )

Obama went to school in a muslim land where YOU would have to wear a burka and would be subject to beatings and denied education because you are a woman; he has never, ever held a job for a single day in his life....well you got me there, I guess he is a lot like you.

So...Romney spoke the truth and that started class warfare. Me thinks not. Obama's redistribution of health mantra earned him that title and deservedly so. Obama has been painting everyone who works and manages to save a little as rich who should be soaked, vilifying corporations (who happen to have the only decent jobs). Make no mistake, everyone sees Obama as the igniter of class warfare and deservedly so. It is classic Democrat politics, business as usual. Hate the guy who works hard and does well. Oh Lord Obama, wont you buy me a Mercedes Benz.

Make that redistribution of wealth; redistribution of health came later.

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