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Who Is This Guy Fooling

Hmm... exactly three weeks until Americans hed to the polls to pick a president. Wow time sure has gone by fast. I mean, Mitt Romney has only been running for Obama's job since before Mr. Obama even had the position.
And seeings as the guy couldn't even buy the race from John McCain, he figured now's as good a time as any to try and buy one more time, this time from the President.
Ha! Well I guess there would at least be a reason to hear the man out, you know find out his positions on critical issues, like health care, or how he'll balance the budget, or education or even foreign policy. Except that Romney has no position on any of these things. I mean, Romney changes positions faster and more frequently than the Red Sox canned Bobby Valentine. In fact I've discovered his only tried and true positions on anything are what his GOP Godfathers have consented him to think.
It's sad actually; I mean, Obamacare is so bad, but Romney championed the exact thing in Massachussetts. He loves education, but said our schools don't need more teachers. He's a foreign policy wizard, but insulted the UK on the first day of a overseas trip. And his budget plan? Don't bother asking for specifics on how he'll acheive this without raising taxes, becaues as Paul Ryan said himself, 'the math isn't the important thing.'
Three weeks until Election Day, and we'll soon get at least one specific answer:
Who is this guy fooling?
DIYman DIYman 22-25, M 4 Responses Oct 16, 2012

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Insulted England huh, well at least he did not give the Queen a gift of an ipod with his own speaches on it. That was insulting. Plus the red sox waited way to long to fire Valentine and they only fired him once didn't they?

<p>Unfortunately, as disgustingly sick as it makes me, I can see Romney winning. I really hope not though. Everyone I hear seems to think Obama was, "Oh, so terrible". I don't think he did great, cause Obama care sucks ***, but he wasn't horrible. I voted for him, but he didn't do all he promised. They never do. I guess I almost have to vote for him again. I wish Ron Paul were president really, but he is no longer an option. I sure as hell am not voting for Romney. This country is screwed. Our choices are ****.</p>

After almost 4 years under obama we are in worst shape than before. The democrats controlled both houses the first two years under Obama, in that time they shoved obamacare on us. Under obama, nothing but blame, lies, class warfare, lack of leadership. Obama has one plan, to turn America into western Europe, right, socialism. Which never works.

what's sad is that your letting the GOP playbook prevent you from thinking sensibly on the subject; middle class tax cut: accomplished. bin Laden: dead. If that's socialism, then it aint too bad.

I do my own thinking, do you? Do you know obamacare is a tax, that will hit people making 20 thousand a year? Do you want the feds telling what type of ins. you must have? One size fits all, is not a good thing. Obama is all about big government, paid for by taking from group and giving to others. His plan will make us all poor.

You mean to tell me, you think Romney isn't ALL about big government, giving more power to the feds, and decimating the poor? Why are you commenting in this group anyways? The point of this site is to find people with similar interests as yourself, not to start debates with people who have a different viewpoint than you do.

Please Bin Laden? The CIA did that Obama had nothing to do with that.

You can laugh all you want,but I will keep saying it, obama is bad for the country. By the way, show me where it says I can't post a commet with those I disagree with. Afraid of the truth? or you can't handle a good debate?

Honey, I'm the debating queen. Nowhere does it say you can't debate. You can do whatever you want. I said the point of this site is to find and connect with like-minded people. Get it straight. Plus, I never said Obama is good for our country. He isn't. This country is screwed no matter who wins. How could I not be laughing? Your defense of Romney is that Obama is about big government !?! Try pointing out something good about Romney (if that's even possible). To argue who is worse, is proof that we're forced to pick the better of two evils. The truth is that it's all about money and credibility. If it was about who is better for our country, neither of them would be a choice offered.

actually he did; he gave the order to go in for the kill; I don't get it, the mastermind of 9/11 is in the ground now and you guys want to make some divisive political attack? Isn't it just good that he's dead?

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He ain't fooling me! I'm not voting for any of the RMoneys

ha clever wordplay!:)