Its Attracts The Right Guys

I think the not so nice guys look for the girls who show way to much skin and there clothes hug there bodies but the good guys look at the pretty girl who hide her figure for her future husband
Thats what my mom told me
Kimchigal Kimchigal
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I can attest to that. I don't like trash! I look for attractiveness first, the rest relies heavily on personality and chemistry. Personally, I prefer the sweet, adorable, cute, pretty, beautiful hot librarian type! A girl you can take home to mom and dad. I like it when a woman is hot, but mutes it down; I can still see the beauty that's really there!

I believe in modesty too. And not just for women, but for men, too.

A lot of women will point out that men are capable of showing more skin than a woman is, so I have stopped wearing shirtless swimsuits. I have found swim-shirts at the Academy website, so it's not impossible for a guy to try it at all. ;)