Being Modest Is Being Our Usual, Attractive Selves

In the same vein as my belief that there's too much emphasis placed on artificial rather than natural beauty, I don't think women and men have to get dressed to the nines, or to wear the most recent "in" choices in fashion and footwear to be considered attractive.  There are huge industries built around making money over our insecurities of not owning the right clothes, hair accessories, toothpaste, and make-up.  All I can say is "bully."  Life is too important for me to go chasing after every fashion craze, or even one, for that matter.  Besides which, I couldn't afford it anyway.  In the end, much as it sometimes pains me to admit it, I can only be myself, and hope to be accepted -- and acceptable in appearance -- for that.  I could never go to the extent that, say, the boys in Duran Duran did in their early years.

There is certainly nothing wrong with the simple, everyday look people wear to the mall and around town.  I don't mean being frumpy.  I mean being dressed in reasonably nice clothes, without being formal or black-tie.  There are a million girls out there right now, eye-catching in jeans, pullovers (they call them that because they cause me to pull over and take a second look -- not many people know that), and every-day attire. 

I think women -- and men, too -- can be quite eye-catching without having to look glamorous or overtly sexualized.  It just proves we're all attractive, regardless of how short, tall, or heavy we are.  Other people just have to take the time to notice it us, both in our modest dress, and in our personality, too (I almost said "and underneath, too," but that wouldn't have come across quite right).  ;)

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Well, I'm another. See, we have something in common already!

Thank-you both for your kind feedback. I, too, feel pressured into trying to look nice, but feel so lacking in the handsome department. Though not terrible looking, almost all my clothes are second-hand, and I worry about being overweight, too. <br />
<br />
Despite all of that, and a beauty industy assaulting my senses my whole life, I really do find modesty attractive in women. I don't compare them to the models in (insert name of fashion magazine) and Hollywood actresses. They get my attention just fine without all that get-up.

Undereli, this is so impressive. :)