Money Is The Cause Of All Evil

If money wasn't invented we wouldn't be debt and there wouldn't be no rich or poor.Money makes people greedy and selfish.People use it wrong.
I think we would be better off without it.Money makes people go in debt.
Money ruins relationships and marriages.Money isn't everything.
If we had like a trading system going on and had more shelter homes for people in need and the homeless.We wouldn't need money to make us happy.
Money makes people have to make ends meet just to live.Money doesn't grow on trees.If there was a way we could making a living without money the economy would be out of debt.Money is evil.Money doesn't buy happiness.Imagine a world without money to where we wouldn't need it to live.We just have to work to get the things we need and not have to pay for it and have a trading system going on.
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

True in a short of way

No - People ruin people.

many would trade sex for things then,,