The Thrill Of The Hunt!!

Remember the warm fuzzy feelings that overcome you when establishing a romantic bond? Well, I am addicted to that feeling. I honestly believe that I can give a woman the best 90 days of her life. I love the introductions, witty humor, 2 hour phone conversations and mind blowing give me all you got sex!! 
I am curious by nature and generally enjoy getting to know the opposite sex. Does this mean I am shallow or damaged or possibly a male version of Kim Kardashian. I am not a cheater please do not mistake me for one. I have been extremely devoted even if only for 90 days( after that period I sub-consciously start finding reasons to split-up). The question is does this make me a bad person?
midnight73 midnight73
1 Response Dec 15, 2011

no it does not make you a bad person. You are aware of what you are diong.