Have You Ever Had a Mood Ring?

I remember when I was in junior high or even high school...I would get a mood ring and it would always stay in the same color.....dark blue or black.....it would never change.

I just thought they never worked......

But recently I purchased another one for $2.00 .

And guess what?

It changes colors all the time and its so accurate...

Okay!  here are the meaning of the Colors:

Dark blue:   happy, romantic, passionate

blue:     calm or relax

Green:    normal, avarage

Amber:    a little nervous or anxciuos

Grey:    very nervous and extremely anxcouis

Black:    stress, tense or feeling tired,

Red:  ?

Purple: ?

Since I am going through some really hard times right now with the seperation of my marriage....

This ring is helping me a little......I pay attention to it...because when it marks grey or black. I do what it takes to get it to another color.....

Its actually a challange for me, but it keeps me reminded that  I have to keep my focus on my emotions. That my feelings are more important than anyone elses right now...and I have to work hard in keeping myself happy..... :0)

so I can keep going....

Its a trip when I am around my husband the ring is always grey or black.....When I am doing things that I like to do, its in green or blue..... :0)

It makes total senses.....I like it! 

dianaspy5 dianaspy5
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3 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Yeah I use to have 1 a couple years ago that changed colors all around for most part it was accurate, don't know where it went

Thanks GJ.....<br />

Huh! I like that you are actually using the ring to help you to remember to focus on your feelings. Great idea. Nice story too. Good luck.