Culture Morality. Basic Morality.

culture morality or political morality or whatever the **** you want to call it. is Morals based upon  what the world the goverment etc want you to think is wrong or maybe even good. this type of morality is to keep people in control to destabalise basic instincts of killing, kidnapping, maybe even shouting or not even listening to an authority figure. Nobody would listen to rules unless they are enforced make you feel guilty of doing and action that does not keep others safe and stable. So cultural morality is basicaly a dampner on instincts be it primitive or not.

Basic morality believe it or not everybody has them wether you think stealing is right or wrong even to the choice of not caring  at all. Basic Morality is what keeps us as "animals" fight or flight kill or be killed these are the principles that kept humans alive. now that we live in a "Socialised" world we have had to put "dampners" on what is right and wrong. in essesnce it is just all brainwashing to keep the human poplution in its place and in control without striking wars and so on within our own communitys.

Terrorism, murder, theft, kidnapping, sadism, cruelty, even all the good stuf charity, activism (chariitable) are all Basic Moralities. Morals exist withn us all.
But wether we were born with them or society gave them to us. We all make choices and most if not all have one moral out come or another.
PriestAzrael PriestAzrael
22-25, M
Aug 11, 2010