Wife's Naughty Work Surprise

It was mid January and my wife who just turned 39 was at the end of a long work project. She worked in the technology development industry and the project at hand had her working long hours.

A small team of 13 people in a satellite office for a company based mid-west of over 900 people. The gravity of the project at hand was that is she and a team of 30 plus people didn't succeed with the go live date, all would be unemployed.

She had been required to work the weekend and with a bit of disappointment in her voice she shared that everyone would be leaving on a flight Sunday morning to head back east to complete the project. Her and two of the other guys from the office would not be going.

While her reflections showed she felt left out, she also seemed to be happy that she did not have to travel. Sunday morning came in which everyone flew out. As required, she went into the office and expected to at least see the two other guys that would not be traveling out.

With a quick text she told me, in the office, it is warm, yet I am the only one here. My expectation was the other two guys would soon arrive. It was not until later that evening that I learned that ONE did not show up at all. For him, it was family day and he didn't care what the company needed, he was not showing.

As for the other guy, in time he showed up. In my mind, this was perfect!

You see, this guy standing approximately 5 foot tall, well dressed and a nice guy was clearly the type of guy that didn't get a lot of female attention. Nevertheless, my wife standing approximately 5'3" tall with alluring blue/green eyes, beautiful auburn hair that went mid back and a set of natural 36D breasts was hard to miss.

The two of them had travel back east more than once. He knew me and I knew him. He respected me as did I him and for some reason I trusted him being in the company of my wife. After all, the last trip he did everything he could to accommodate her wants and needs for travel for dinner, etc as he had the company rented car.

So here they were, a Sunday in the office with everyone gone but them. If my screen name naughty husband isn't enough of a description, my description of prompting her to be naughty may be.

In light of the fact that no one else was there, I encourage her to have a dress down Sunday. Basically, why get all dressed up, work as she did when she worked from home which usually included sweat pants and sweatshirt, at times a T shirt yet always braless.

Although my intent was that she simply be comfortable in her casual work environment, I knew that any sexual promotion that I suggested could very easily anger her.

I was surprised when I received the text...I did it! What I asked? I took my bra off and put it in my purse and believe it or not, you were right, I feel much more comfortable now.

About an hour passed when I received her text. OMG! That was all it said. What I asked? Thinking something out of the normal had happened regarding the project they were working on.

I am so surprised she replied, didn't have a clue! Filled with anticipation I asked again what?

Don't get mad she replied, but as you suggested, I lost my bra to be comfortable under my sweatshirt. As time passed I thought nothing of it, but you know B?

Yes I do I replied. Well she said, he finally showed up for work. A never showed so it was just the two of us. At first I thought nothing of it besides the fact that at least someone else had shown up for work and with that, he too was casual and in sweats.

Ok I replied, so that's the OMG? No she replied. As I went about my work she continued, every now and then it got a bit chilly. Not big deal I thought. Nevertheless what I didn't realize was that the cold had caused my nipples to be noticeable under my sweat shirt.

Again I replied ok! I tried to conceal them she said, but it was not easy. As you know this project is crucial to the survival of the company and therefore we must all work closely.

Again, now filled with anticipation as to the point I asked ok, with the thought, ok already tell me what the OMG was all about. Filled with suspense, I asked, what do you mean OMG?

Well she said, as it was cold in the office and I tried to conceal my erect nipples, I think he saw them. Ok I responded as I could feel my **** growing in my pants thinking that this little man had observed my wife's **** pointing out beneath her sweatshirt.

Well she said, knowing that I was braless and suspecting that he might have noticed my cold and erect nipples protruding underneath my top, I could not help but notice that there was a major bulge in his sweat pants.

Again I replied, ok, is that it, is that the OMG? Im sorry baby she said, but I had to say the old phrase, is that a banana in your pants or are you happy to see me? I'm sorry baby, but with my question, he replied I am always happy to see you. With a spontaneous response, I told him I had no idea that as such a small guy that he was that big! He responded to me you have no idea.

Baby, you are always prompting me to be naughty she said, so I told him, oh yeah, prove it! I had no idea that he would drop his sweats and show me. So that is why I said OMG!

Ok I said, go on. Well she continued... he dropped his sweats and I could not believe he was not joking with the you have no idea. Now baby, I love YOUR ****, but his was equally as large. I didn't expect that he was actually going to show me.

So I replied, B showed you his package? Well she replied, yea he did, BUT he played the response,...I showed you mine, now you got to show me yours! Don't be mad baby, but with that, I lifted my shirt and showed him my ****.

Really I replied! Somewhat frustrated at the thought HE was seeing my wife's ****, but at the same time I noticed my **** was fully erect in my pants.

Yes she went on, baby she said, I had no idea that such a small guy could have such a BIG ****. Again, don't be mad, but YOU encourage this naughty behavior in me.

Yes I do I replied, but I had not expectation you would be checking out another guys ****, or showing him your ****! It was a dare baby she replied.

I was good with that. Afterall, I had always encouraged her to be naughty. So...you say B's **** and he saw your ****. That's all good I replied. Can't wait til you come home and we have play time.

Of course she said, but one more thing. What's that I asked. Again she began, please don't get or be mad, but this is from your doing, your encouraging. What I said, tell me.

Well she said, When he dropped his pants, his **** was so big and larger than I expected it would be and when I lifted my top, without hesitation he put his mouth on my ****. You know what that does to me.

Anyway, as he so gentle sucked my **** he guided my hand to his swollen **** and then said...girl, you couldn't handle it. Baby, it was a challenge and you know me, I don't like loosing.

Ok I said again, so explain. Well, to prove my point and that I could not only handle it but more than handle it, as he sucked my ****, I took some of the hand lotion that I had on my desk and began to rub the head of his ****.

Pretty good her said, maybe you DO know what you are doing. I couldn't resist. Baby you know that I take pride in taking care of you, so I had to prove my point. So I rubbed the head of his **** until it was so swollen I thought he was going to blow his load.

With a smug attitude he replied, damm girl, you are good. I had to turn his words on him and tell him...you have no idea. With that, I leaned over and put his **** in my mouth. He had softened slightly as I had stopped rubbing him but with my mouth sucking the head of his ****, he became fully hard again.

So I replied, you are at work with this detrimental project and you are telling me that you are sucking B's ****. No she said, I am ushering in my last year of the thirties as you said and sharing it with you.

Gathering myself and composure I concluded...ok. My wife was my second wife, I was her second husband, I always promoted naughty and NOW she seemed to be doing it.

Ok I replied, I am proud of you for removing your bra and being casual. Happy that in the moment you say little B BIG **** and that you were naughty enough to do what you did, tell me, so when are you coming home?

Soon she said, BUT there is more! What I asked. He told me he told me he thought I was HOT and that he had often fantasized about ******* me. Although I played it off for male fantasy I replied really? He said oh yeah.

Thinking of YOU and your promoting of me being naughty, I asked him, so what if I let you **** me? Could yo handle it? He said he didn't know but he would love to try.

What are you telling me I asked? Well she replied, you know how mad you are at my work, my boss? yes I replied. Well...we went into his office, on his desk and...baby...he stuck the swollen head of that large and unsuspecting **** into my wet *****.

Ok I replied, so while I think you are working to save your job and the company, you are ******* B? I'm sorry she replied, I thought with as it transpired, you would like that, especially as I told you about it.

What could I say? I had promoted her being naughty, so I asked, was it good for you? Omg she replied again. baby I love you and you are everything I want and need. However, after 18 years together to feel the excitement of a man that wants me, has never had me, *** inside me and him throb upon my ***** lips, omg!

Thank you she replied. Thank you for loving me enough to give me the freedom to **** another mans ****, feel his excitement and cherish what I have had in you for all these years.

Ok I replied. Come home to me and lets enjoy or evening and the rest of OUR life.

You have no idea she replied. As much as I enjoyed, next I want to see one of my HOT girlfriends suck your **** and **** you until you *** deep inside of them!

Are you ok with that she asked. If you are I replied.
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Jan 15, 2013