Parents Behind The Door

Tonight i find my self in a weird place it could be the silence in my house could be the negativity that's in the air heck i can even blame the weather.that's not the problem in this case.its not about blaming someone its about realizing and opening your eyes to what is really going on around you and what you can do so one day your little ones don't have the same feelings. Here is what i am noticing parents should never "try to be strong for their kids" in the sense that they have to be with their spouses even if they're not happy.Well if your not happy and your child is around that toxic environment and they grow up to a point were they are giving the parent advice then you know that your "strength" didn't do no one any good if anything it probably made things worse.You made your teen give you advice about your marriage when they are barley trying to find them self. Parents are parents doesn't mean they're heartless but if your relationship is over then oh well get over it don't stop the kids life because you cant handle your own. Remember once the baby if born all your relationship issues have to be solved because one baby born its all bout how you can raise them the right way. now just because you separated doesn't give one the right to neglect or takes the responsibility away that's on you if you want your baby to be able to call you a parents that's if you want to be part of their life you know just because you passed ***** or pushed the baby doesn't make you a parent the actions the teaching the responsibility the worryness all of that makes you a parent and a damn good one.
write4voice write4voice
13-15, F
Jan 14, 2013