The Parental Skills Test: What Would You Do With/to This Child?

Now what would you do with a boy like this? There is a boy who is 16 years old, turning 17 very soon. He is in grade 11. Up until now, he has missed nearly 2 and a half months of school...where was he? god knows, he was skipping class, participating in bad activities (you all know what). His writing is bad. Writes like a 5 year old. He doesn't like doing homework, in fact, he never does homework...he wants to be a lawyer! HES LIVING THE LIFE! He goes out whenever, whereever he pleases. He'll come home form school, and leave and not come back unitl 1:00 in the morning. He is rude, messy, and never listens to anything anyone in his family tells him. His mother yells for him to study, and not to be involved with loser friends, she yells and yells every single daaaaaaaaaay alll dayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! She buys him everything. A new bedroom set, a new library sey, a desk, an iphone 4, and some new clothes. He needs new shoes every 2 weeks because he is a skateboarder. Now his family. Not a very rich family. New to the country about 4 years, had a business, shut it down becuase there wasnt a lot of business. Now his mother is sick, she has phybermalasia(not sure how to spell), and is a heavy smoker. She has lung cancer. She smokes and smokes, to relieve her pain and stress she has over life, and her this child. She is married, but he is not the fathe to this 17 year old boy. His step father raises his voice at him but for good intentions. he begs him to get a job, to learn the value of hard earned money, and to study so he doesnt become a civil servant in the future. He yells back at his step father. then the security of the building hears them, and asks whats wrong. The son tells him "get him away from me, hes nobody to me, he is my stepfather. By the way, he has beeen his step father and his only father since he was 5 years old.

Now, the seventeen year old fights at school, drinks, parties all the time. No homework for him!! he is on the wrong path. SOmeone stole his iphone at school, and now his parents have to pay 600 dollars for the cancellation fee, and for the remaining balance on the iphone. He doesnt give one ****. he doesnt even feel bad that his parents dont have that much money.

my question is, what would you do to this child? I tell them, kick him out, make him learn the hard way!! what advice do you have? Btw i am asking for a nice friend I have on ep.
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Jan 23, 2013