Well I'm american well I still don't think american is the proper name really but whatever. I was born and raised there and I think most are in they're little bubble acting like they're the best in the world and that the world is the U.S! They are so stuck up, that even the education is messed up. They say that north america and south america are different continents and that central america is part of north america. THAT IS SO MESSED UP!!!! A huge level of ignorance. Christopher Columbus discovered America as a whole not in parts!!!!! Seriously who is the idiot that came up with that insane idea!!!!!
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This is one huge generalzation, also american doesnt meen you have to be a certain way, if you are born in america and hold citizenship then you are an american so yes american IS the right term for you

You know, the funny thing is, Christopher Columbus didn't discover America. The Vikings did. Do some research before you call others ignorant.

When I say "discover" it's sarcastic.

Sorry they didn't teach me about Vikings, truth is my school is a private school, and we've never studied about them, all those indians, etc. I personally think none of them discovered america, they just conquered it.

Haha what I think is hilarious is that you're in a group where the point is to talk about american ignorance and you're here defending them. Dude I'm an amerian and it's not fun having to fake a british accent in France just because people think americans aren't smart and are as the title of the group says: "ignorant sheep". People treat us like second class citizens, hell, most americans haven't even gotten out of the US! Please travel a bit more if you're going to judge my opinion.

What does me traveling have do to with the fact that you were wrong?

I was wrong about the vikings, it doesn't mean most americans are aren't ignorant. See with travelling you discover different cultures, how the treat people from certain countries differently, that's something you experience by travelling, and most countries HATE americans. They think ALL of us are ignorant. Have you seen a video on youtube about "are americans stupid" the asked someone how many sides did a triangle have and they answered 4! Americans don't have A LOT of knowledge do to the fact that most of have never set foot out of the United States. Travel, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

I've never traveled outside of the states but that doesn't mean I'm ignorant towards other cultures and beliefs. I know most Americans are idiots. You don't have to travel to learn, even though it's probably more fun that way.

I'm not talking about all of us but... Most... Most aren't interested in learning about other cultures, it's nice to know that you do, even if you've never traveled outside the states.

You know theyre starting to find things that suggest the vikings didnt either

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