A Logo Is A Must!

Come one guys! If you are new here, (or old and just haven't done it yet)  I have one tip that will help you connect with the ladies of EP...
Get a LOGO!! Even the generic one's that EP offers when you join is better than a Blue Man!
I'd suggest just going to Google and finding something that says something about "YOU" !! 
Oh, and one more thing......if you are thinking about it (you know you did....) we're not very fond of penis pics either...PLUS you will end up in EP jail! 
pixelita pixelita 36-40, F 9 Responses Apr 18, 2012

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Is mine appropriate?

Oh my! I guess it's some sort of sex nudity though so I give it a thumbs up!!!!!!! :-)

Very definitely a sex toy. One of my favorites!

My logo is in memory of my best 19 pound friend, a Maine Coon Tabby. I lost him in '07, and everytime I see it, I think of him. He was one hell'of a cat!!! and I miss him!!!

He IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I'm sorry for your loss...I am at 'pet' lover too!!!!

Oh yes we want to know what you are working with Ebony but we'd much rather it be displayed in your photo albums rather than in an avatar :-)

I agree there needs to be some kind of pic up there even if you are trying to be anonymous. I myself am not into hiding anything so my pics are just me nothin flashy. ; )

I think your logo is great irvine!!! :-)

I used to think I was so awesome with my unique pic, but then I changed it for no apprent reason. And now I just use a wallpaper pic thingy.. sad stuff, lol.<br />
<br />
Although I think I connect anyway, with loads of special..and hmm weirdish people. Think I got a very strange attraction it seems, lol. But how I like it anyway I guess.<br />
<br />
But I admit, I dont see the point with all these penis pics tho. I mean how sad is that?, Im quite a pathetic case myself, but they think the only way to attract women is with a pic like that?, or they dont know how els. But ofc!, dosent go for everyone, always exceptions and im not trying to jugde ofc. But, seems.. hmm kinda desprate to me, honestly.

I'm with ya, beautiful. My real pictures are posted for all, better or worse.<br />
Still, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that women aren't exactly falling all over me. Just as a matter of record. Well, I guess a few. And now that I think about it ... are adorable!! I am quite sure a few have and more will follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for commenting nomakeup!!!!!!!!!! :-)

True true and true again Thanks for writing this

Don't think the the EP men think much of the blue women either and the generic ones are a slight step above... Of course the cleavage is always nice but the vag and nip shots are a bit much... *wink*