Mothers Should Teach Sons To Express Their Feminine Side

Girls are being encouraged to dress and behave like boys, but as soon as a boy tries to dress or behave in a feminine way, he is discouraged from doing so. In the worst cases, a feminine boy can find himself ostracised or even considering suicide. This is so wrong.

We boys need to develop our feminine side and should be congratulated for being feminine in a world that is becoming more feminised. The mother is generally the most influential figure in a boy's childhood and she should take the lead. Along with his boy toys and clothes, a boy should have access to girl toys and clothes. Mother should set aside "Girl Time" for her son(s). This means that part of the time, she will put him in a dress and skirt, teach him make up and other feminine skills such as sewing and make him do housework. He will also have to play only with girls' toys when he wears a dress or skirt.
The boy may resent it at first, but with his mother's encouragement, he will soon get used to his new clothes and will learn new skills. He will even come to appreciate that he can switch genders and benefit from the experience of living both as a boy and as a girl.
Mother and son will also develop a closer bond from a shared experience of femininity and the boy will gain a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, females.
It's a complete win-win for mother, son and society as a whole.
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Wonderful note.Print it out snd lrsvr copirs in restrooms and changing rooms ! Every year femininity becomes stronger. Prepare you little guy as a little girl

A beautiful note. If we introduce our sons to our little girl experiences we will be much closer. You said to teach them makeup! I never thought of that, but it would be so fun for both of us. Sissyjasmine! How would you do this? What would you do first and what do you consider most imortant to really initiate the little guy?

You're not at all transcending gender stereotype if you let the boy only play with girl's toys while in girl's clothes. Also, their feminine side won't really cooperate much if you force it to come out. My mother let me wear dresses, but it was always my choice whether i wanted to or not. That's how it should be. If we want to really overcome forced gender roles then not by in turn enforcing this transformation. A plant doesn't grow faster by pulling on its twigs.

If males were encouraged to develope their feminine side more, they undoubtedly would become less macho and dominating. This would certainly be good for society as a whole. Certainly I am a better lissaggressive person when I dress as, and embrace the nature of, Persephone than when I appear as John! But society in UK just doesn't want to acknowledge that we TG's are normal, perhaps more normal than they are, and brands us as freaks, or just perverts. Will society ever change? I don't consider either males or females to be a superior species, but that males have used their greater strength over the centuries to kepp females subordinated.

Wonderful. To show the feminine side of the word, so rich and full to the young boys. A young boy always ask him self ¿why cant wore such a wonderful skirt as my sister? ¡why cant a i have a beautiful hair as mother and wear heels?<br />
Women d ont make war. Mostly d ont kill. Lets make the word more feminine. if we can achieve that by wearing skirts, bras, and panties, welcome. It is an easy medicine.

I agree. when in male clothes I don't feel right. When dressed up I am at peace with the world and just want to spread beauty.

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@ IceBlazer.<br />
You just shown the world why this is a good idea.<br />
You completely lost the plot and are a jackass.

I Agree with all the Comments here, especially like the Comment from a Woman, she is the type of Female we need to continue to Encourage Male Femininity and the Empowerment of women. Make the Boys do Dishes AND be Pretty and Sweet for Women...Reduce the muscle mass on males and encourage women to be Strong...then Society WILL be Better!

what most of society fears is if you dressed a boy in a dress or even a skirt he will turn gay. This is stereotypically displayed in movies with limpwrist gay characters wearing womens or girls clothing.<br />
I only saw one movie where a boy wanted to wear dresses where he wasn't depicted as a gay boy.<br />
For EP readers that movie is called "DRESS CODE" I bought mine on Amazon

but does society thinks that a girl dressed in jeans will turn lesbian?

i agree. i really need to have my feminine side appreciated and nurtured. :)

If more mothers raised their sons in dresses, taught them how to cook, sew, clean and do laundry, the world would be a much better place. Having a penis and wearing pants does not make a man. It only serves to create a visual divide between males and females. One where males incorrectly think they are superior. When males are raised to appreciate pretty underwear, play in a dress or skirt and repect woman our society will be much better off. It is the highlighted differences beteween males and females that create problems in society. Males need to recognize this, accept their feminine side and start doing the dishes.

I totally agree with ison.

absolutly, I have raised all my sons this way. they wear skirts. dresses, bras, panties, stockings, pantyhose and heels anytime they feel like it. all of them wear either slips or nylon nighties to bed, and at age 12, have been taught about menstruation. I also wear feminine clothing and heels. I have no "male" underwear, jeans or shirts in my closet or dresser. non of my boys wears "male" underwear, and all of their jeans are girl styles. they enjoy wearing their pink jeans and heels also.

I totally concur with you. I know of a few mothers who have done exactly this. There is nothing wrong with a boy wearing a dress or skirt. People seem to think that if any boy would do this their penises will fall off.