Thankful For My Training, Now Using It On Our Son

My mother used diaper disicpline and petticoating on me when I was growing up.

I spent many years in diapers and dresses, learning how to conduct myself and care for household. I was taught the 'womanly' chores of the household and taught that it was duty to take care of them, for the woman, as she wishes or expects.

Prior to it, I was rude, rough and violent, but through gradual training my mother helped me become successful in my career and my family life. She taught me how to treat my wife and my son amazingly, and care of them while submitting to my wife.

My wife still uphold occasional DD and petticoating on myself as well as my son, We are hoping it is as beneficial to him, as it was to me when I was growing up.
Shaneyson Shaneyson
41-45, M
2 Responses May 9, 2012

How old is your son now and do you still use dd

The Women in your Life are AWESOME!!!! Men and Boys Belong in Dresses and Skirts!!!