Friendly Gang

Wet from the pool, my three kids and I walked back to our cabin. Just as we crossed the road we saw a gang of motorcycles was about to pass through, so we stopped by the side to observe. It was a friendly, and pretty damn good looking gang. Mostly guys, a few couples and one or two sole women. As each motorcycle passed, they either honked, waved, or revved at us. We waved and hooted back. I may have gotten a few honks... but most were for the kids benefit - they were enthralled. My little one counted... 19 motorcycles in all. For a moment (well, a long moment) I really wanted to be on one of those bikes, flying down a winding road, what I can only imagine as exhilarating and jarring and mind numbingly loud, and where your only worry is what's around the next bend in the road.
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1 Response Jul 27, 2010

I like the idea of time becoming irrelevant :) Thanks Lost.