MGTOW? - Not Their Choice

Im a professionally employed 41 year old man, and I've been single all my life. I like it, and I have no plan to marry, ever. The reason for my singularity is that as a man, marriage offers me nothing except sacrifice and servitude. This is partly due to the modern convention that old family-forming social construct has become, and partly due to what I understand about women in my culture, their expectations, entitlements, and qualities. - Paul Elam

I think they are actually MWHTGTOW (men who have to go their own way) because they are undesirable and women don't want them.  They try to make themselves look better than they are by claiming they have chosen to "go their own way" when in reality it wasn't their choice.  I think its what they are stuck with because no woman will ever want to be with them.  Why would any woman want a man who looks, acts, and thinks like him? - YUCK!  

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I completely agree. His quote was arrogant and disgusting. NO woman would want Thank God he won't procreate. =)

But lady blue, you have to admit that his eschewing of the marriage market is a sad loss to us ladies

"The reason for my singularity is that as a man, marriage offers me nothing except sacrifice and servitude."
...So shack up instead? Yanno, just saying...

"...partly due to what I understand about women in my culture, their expectations, entitlements, and qualities."

...He is unable to see any woman as a unique person, he sees only his own prejudices and stereotypes.

I think professionally employed women might want him. For a fee

LOL! Women in the oldest professional employment, you mean?

Funny, I was just wondering if he availed himself of sex workers. He's ostensibly heterosexual, yet I doubt he's capable of emotionally connecting with a female at all.