I Know He Is...

I know MTVLM is an Angel here on earth. He is alwys there for me, and always lifting me up when I am feeling down. he helps me more than anyone else when things get super bad, he just doesn't tell me "plz don't cut" but gives me excerises to help get my mind off of things, and they always help. He really cares about his friends, and is always there for them, no matter how bad he is doing. i know i have caused a lot of problems for him and his wife,, and i hate myself every-day for knowing the pain he is in, is all my fault, i hope one day he can forgive me, i know he is an angel, and i love him so very much. he is a huge hero to me, and im sure to many others too.

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13 Responses Jan 9, 2010

GreatCthulhu,<br />
Why do you go on and on trying to demean and degrade and to censor what Aly wants to have in her story?<br />
If you are that set on being a spoiler why don't you begin your own story to post it all in?<br />
It is a very good thing to have such friends as mtvlm and Aly's experience is unique to her just as mine are to me and yours to you.

Ezekial describes them with horns and feathers

Well - I don't have the self image of being a angel but if I am seen as such then a angel I will be, minus the horns and feathers......

Im not saying he is not a good person im just saying hes not my opinion of an angel...no need to yell at me

...but he cant be an angel by my definition even if he is the nicest person around...unless of course he is actualy an angel behind the computer screen with wings a beak,horns,eyespots,and feathery hair

...mayby...but he is not what i think of as an angel<br />
But i guess its your opinion

...But remember also ANGELS are not all nice and stuff...they just deliver messages so in some ways he might be "better" than an angel

Well dont call him an angel just call him a nice human

...mayby he is...but i wish i could see him in his true form...with the wings and the avian features and the horns

No offence meant by the way...you might be buetifull but nothing like an angel

Oh Aly.... *HUGS* Don't blame yourself for that! Things were not good before and maybe it was the poke needed to got out of it and start to find new things in life.... I hold no blame for you on it and I love that your one of my great friends... As for the exercises to keep you busy and focus on other things I am glad that they help....<br />
<br />
Love you my friend.....<br />
<br />
Please don't take the blame for something was so wrong before...... *HUGS*

His appearance is not exactly angelic

yeah aly...hey did u put the pic in the group?idk how to put pics on group