Eminem is the writer of, in my opinion, one of the greatest rap songs I've ever heard in my life... Not Afraid. So many rap artists have a habit of rapping about sex, drugs, and so on. At one point in his life, Eminem was one of those people. Unfortunately because of his childhood, his life was so messed up, that I never would have thought that someone that lost, could have possibly came back from what he went through as a kid. Even after all he's been through as a child, he STILL writes a song to his mom about how he forgives her, and that she did her best, and that he loves her. That song brings tears to my eyes. I've never heard of such a lost person come back so clean and pure and so ready to forgive. I believe Not Afraid, is a song that not only explains Eminem's winning struggle against drugs in rehab. But it also explains that people can change no matter how lost they are. I remember the very first time I watched the music video, my eyes got all glassy as I watched the part of the video where he was flying around and singing about his life and how he has a tear in his eye, and that he feels like a king, because of how hard he fought and won his battle against his drug addiction, and changed his life for the better. It shows, no matter how lost you are, it's just a matter of how hard you fight that determines weather or not you win your life back. THAT, is why I believe that Not Afraid is one of the greatest, and most powerful rap songs of all time.
KSniper KSniper
18-21, M
Aug 21, 2014