...is This Machine Recording?

I took the "I think music is dangerous " online quiz and
quickly sent the results to the top three peoples on my endangered friends list.
order before midnight tommorrow and be spared the wrath
of the undead vaccuous online virus,boxed set special edition if you please.

Melodies from the rubber room,isolation ward
,prison planet alphabeta-music is key.
Minor key invokations,Johhny Miner sweats in coalpit
under heavy manners to a backbeat in blues.
Massa got you worked,muzak is thy soundtrack-
piped into the ventilating system of your climate controlled outpost.
Man's son is the proverbial pied-piper,
leading lemmings to their eagerly earned abyss.

Bell-bottomed trousers are more in than out 
why aren't you consuming the proper breakfast cereal?

A machine-made drum is now beating YOU
-bou jeloud's flails have returned to rif mountain dust and still the shrill pipes drive the vessel.

Music had better be dangerous
dangerous enough to rule huge arenas and still transfix lip-locked teenagers in the very back row,aisle five.

friends,I was that soldier-I marched to different beats and sang the salty seas cold soulfood embrace
-the beast is unstoppable and it requires your attention.

"riding the bus with no music sucks"
what's happening at EP now?try to quit and you will behold the awesome thrall of addiction-no stairway.
dubkebab dubkebab
46-50, M
3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

But i LIKE stairway.. why does everyone hate the stairway to heaven :-P


NO stairway!!!