Music has saved me hospital visits from attempting tbh. My favorite would have to be disasterology by pierce the veil. "Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?" It mean we're beautiful and destroy ourselves. I cry hearing this song and I'm rambling because I can't sleep haha.
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"My love for you was bulletproof, but you're the one who shot me."

Oh god. That one kills me too. That one has the most emotion from Vic. Just saying.

Its okay fangirl. xD

He's really adorable. And perfect haha.

His band isn't bad

They've saved me many times haha.

The bands that help me are, Bring Me The Horizon, Icon For Hire

BMTH helped me a lot. Oli has many great quotes. "Drown". That song. OMG.

Ya it isn't bad.

It's so early but my insomnia. :/

early dafuq you mean late, it ain't a new day til I wake up xD

It's 1:14 am so. It's early haha.

no ones needs technicalitys here

Haha. I'm so exhausted tho. Ugh.

then sleep

I can't. Insomnia. :'(

it probably isn't that, go away from any light. stop watching tv, getting on your phone, or the PC and read or something and you will become sleepy. the electronic devices are what keep you up. the light from the screen makes it where your brain does not send melatonin to your brain to make you sleepy

I've been laying down and all for like an hour and just exhausted. But thanks dear.

Can't stay or fall asleep. And hurts to turn over because there's cuts on my thighs. :/

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