I don't know how to begin this.

I've read a few articles on how both men and women 'mark their territories' on their sexual/committed partners.
They always do it when they feel threatened by another human and try to show that their partners belongs to them.
I admit, I do it to him too.

Like if a woman was giving looks to a man and his girlfriend notices, she'll hold his hand and then look at her sending the signal "he's taken" or "he's mine".

I went on a night out with my best friend other night and a couple of men at the bar were giving me the look. Then my best friend notices and wraps his arm around my waist, then the men just looked away.
Then we went to a club and a girl went up to him and flirted with him. His response was that he held my hand and said "This is my girlfriend". She apologized and walked away. Which is a shame because she was actually quite attractive...

We kind of had an agreement that if someone we didn't find attractive tried to hit on us, then I'd say he was my boyfriend and he'd say I was his girlfriend. But I didn't expect him to tell every girl that tried to get on with him that I was with him.

He always does random things like brush the hair out of my eyes, put his arm around my shoulder or back, carry my bags, massage my feet, picks out my clothes, leans his head on my shoulder, gives me his jumper to wear.
I've read somewhere that guys don't like it when others touch their hair, I stroke his hair all the time and he doesn't back away or tell me to move my hand away....

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Another note to self: "At LEAST he is not peeing on me to mark his territory! Good thing!" 😊

"Which is a shame because she was actually quite attractive...." But he carries my bags, massages my feet, gives me hid jumper to wear! Note to self: "I think he likes ME!! A LOT!" 😀