A Jerkhead

So Ive been working at my job for 2 months.

And I thought my boss was ok...but i think I was delusional and seduced by the little yellow envelope with $$$ inside.

He is a jerk. A big huge jerk.

He is a nitpicker.

He likes to assert authority for the sake of it.

He is illogical.

And he is biased.

So today when the three of us*the head chef and cook and me(kitchenhand)* were in the kitcheen he pulled us aside and said we have to work as a team and we have to help the pizza guys when we are not busy.Hello....the pizza guys can do there own job!!.....they dont come in the kitchen and cook meals cause thats our job. There is not enough business lately to be doing anyone elses tasks as that would leave THEM with nothing to do.And we DO work as a Team the only person in the place who ISNT part of the team is your precious brown nosed arse licker...who is also the biggest dobber and whinger I have ever had the dis-pleasure to work with. Ok I havent worked with him yet cause he does day shift and I do night but that will change on Sunday when I am working an extra day. And I plan to ignore the knobhead as much as possible.

How is it possible for a grown man to dob on his work mates and get them in as much crap as possible without them actually doing anything wrong?

He is a big fat dobber and dobs and whinges about absolute bollocks...ie, the chips were left in the fridge not the freezer.Garlic bread is not buttered to the edges....onions were not peeled for him......sauce containers were not filled up. Get a life you fricking 51 year old loser!.

And then the boss was watchingme take tomatoes eyes out with a lil old knife and said"what are you doing you are going to cut yourself you dont do it like that"!!!...For ***** sake!!!!!...I tossed the tomatoes aside and said"Im NOT doing anymore tomatoes then someone else can do it". Im not 2 years old...I KNOW how to prep tomatoes without chopping my finger off......

Anyway I like my job and most of the people I work with but my boss and his lil freak sidekick can get effed! Dumb ***** the pair of them!

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1 Response May 11, 2012

oy.. sorry the boss is sucky!!!!<br />
Try to focus in on those you like and enjoy... ignore the old buzzard!!<br />