Seriously, My Boss Has Less Experience Than Me!

OK. So I don't really think she's an *idiot* per se. BUT: She's a few months younger than me and worked part-time at the same company as me for 10 years. She got promoted just because of her quote-unquote seniority. I feel conflicted. She's a working mother and being a feminist I want working mothers to succeed, but that doesn't change the fact that this particular working mother is a bad manager and doesn't know her stuff.
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4 Responses May 18, 2011

Get a copy of the book "Working With You is Killing Me"; go to page 105 and locate the subtitle "Why Are There So Many Poor Managers?"; there you'll find a full page of comments that center on one point; too many employees are promoted for the wrong reasons. You might want to arrange for a metting with the top person in charge to discuss your concerns on the impact of someone else's promotion on you. You should also discreetly look for work elsewhere; I wish you success in your endeavors.

That sounds like a great read! Thanks!

Postscript: I've moved on. In a larger company, meeting w/ the person in charge to discuss my concerns on the impact of my supervisor's promotion on me & my peers would have been a sound approach. Unfortunately, it was a small org, and the supervisor and the CEO (who had foibles of their own) were close, longtime friends, so a meeting like that probably would have meant my getting shown the door. I saw it happen to another co-worker.

Based on your reply, I believe you acted courageously to escape the type of situation you had, and your former employer.

I don't have access to my copy of the same book, but somewhere in that book is a section on small business owners who tend to act as dictators. The reason for that, is they rarely get any training in leadership. I worked for one such person for 14 years; trust me, you don't want to work for a dictator, and am very pleased to find your comment that you now work for a larger company.

Chances are, the manangement were required to get some training in business administration prior to their employment, and that seems to help out a lot. Presently I work for a small (but growing) company where the managers serve as leaders and mentors, and that has meant a lot to me in being able to work with minimal supervision, and provide sujpport as necessary to ensure a job get done properly.

There is some bureaucracy involved at work, but it's minimal in contrast to what I had before. Plus, my present employer encourages those with exceptional work qualities are eligible to do their work in their private homes. Now, how's that for "minimal supervision"?

I wish you well in your endeavors to regain your sanity.

Great attitude ... keep smiling and doing a good job, even if you have to teach her or cover for her in the process. And get that resume out there. Get another job while you still have this one -- far easier that finding one while unemployed

Right on all counts and I'm doing the best I can to leave and do my best (all at once!). BUT: I don't want her job at all. Never did. I just wish someone else more experienced and less prone to yelling at us were in that position.

Well, wht ya gonna do? I mean you can cause trouble, but tha wwont get u anywhere. She already has the promotion. i'd say swallow your pride and do good work or look for another company. you're not going to get her job, so you gotta make your own plan.