My boss is a real piece of work.
She comes into my office and asked if I was still coming to her house for her ******* Mary Kay party.
I said NO and she asked why. I asked her had she forgot where I worked?
This company doesn't pay me enough to have extra money to just **** away on ******* Mary Kay.

I don't think she does any real work, she just makes herself look busy by running around all day and then she complains about her feet hurting.
I think it is hilarious to work under someone that can't run my office if WE are not there. My co-worker and I were sick with some kind of flu and we both called out. My boss nearly had a fit. She kept calling our phones asking us, how to this and how to do that and she still ****** everything up even though we were telling her step by step instructions. Hell, we even wrote the damn manual on how to do things in our office.

She is the prime example of what ***-kissing will get you.  She's in a position in which she has no idea how to do. 
veilednightmare veilednightmare
31-35, F
May 15, 2012