He Cheated On Me Or Not?

So, i've been dating this guy for over a year now. I love him dearly. The other night i came across a facebook account with his picture but with an fake name. Most of the friends on this account are strippers and x-rated sites. After seeing this account i called him immediately, he was asleep so he didn't answer, so i texted him, he didn't respond. About an hour after i had texted, i could see that he had checked his text ( I use watsapp) Then within minutes the picture of him looking different than his usual self, as if to say hey babi i'm a bad boy obviously to fit in with the ******** crowd, was taken down. Anyway the timing seemed very odd to me. The next morning his friend list had dropped by 56 women - his friend list is almost entirely women. He called me later that night, and he checked facebook and said he was unaware who the account belonged to- the picture was down so he couldn't see who the account belonged to, but!! I can tell that it's his account because of all his likes, down to his favorite football team and favorite food also movies and type of girl he likes. I explained to him that no one could know his likes that intimately, after much questioning he admitted that it could have been one of his accounts. Now, because the profile picture was down he was able to deny it was his account at first, right? But thing is the content basically reflects his personality. Anyways, he confessed that when he worked at his previous job he had several accounts at that time, and he also had a ******** girlfriend at the time- they broke up almost two years ago and he has had nothing good to say about her. She cheated on him, and yet they had ********** with some of her girlfriends so i don't agree that she was cheating. I mention the ex because she is also on this account, on his friend list!!! Long story short, he agreed that this was an old account, but he denies being actively on there accepting 69 ******** types and young girls in high school in 2012!! I was shocked, and am still not sure what to think. I want to believe him when he says the account is old and someone else might be active on there now... but... the facts, and the uncanny disappearance of the profile picture, then erased friends and the fact that i can tell he checked his texts but he didn't respond until several hours after i left him message after message on his phone.

I just wanted to add that he has been nothing but kind and loving to me, he tells me I'm beautiful, he loves to cuddle and he respects me with his actions. That is why i would be so shocked if he is indeed actively friending these women on his secret account... I need help deciding what to do, i love him so each time he insists it isn't him on there i want to believe him.. What do your guys think? I'd appreciate people's input, men especially, because you understand a man's mind and his ability to live a double life.. He knows that is he confessed that it is him i would break up with him. I actually said i need to step away the next morning after i had time to think it all through, but he said he didn't want it to be this way that he loved me that he was lost before he met me...

The starred out words refer to female who remove their clothing for money. :)

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Wow, a year and no comments? Pretty sure something came of this and would like to know what happened? Well, it sounds fishy to me and he did say "it might be one of his accounts". Plus the likes and so forth. To me, he's guilty of something here. Doesn't mean he cheated though, for that you would need concrete proof to which you have none sorry to say. That just might eat at you for the rest of your relationship with him. And believe you me, that is NOT fun at all. If you can't trust him now, it won't change anything after marriage, and in fact, will make it worse if he does stray after you marrying him. If I were you, I'd walk away cause who needs that drama and headache, seriously.

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