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I Don't Think He Cares Anymore...

For two years and 6 months I've been seeing my boyfriend. Over the summer, I declared a break because I was tired of always fighting and I cheated. I was wrong, but in my defense we were done. I didn't plan on getting back with him, but he came to NY to try to work things out with me so that I wouldn't leave he promised things would be different. After a long talk, I told him what I did. He was repulsed by me he didn't want to talk to me but I wouldn't have him walk away from me. We worked through it and I think we got over it.. Anyways, now were back together and whenever I try to talk to him he always says I'm fighting with him, or I'm trying to pick a fight or something not true. He tries to avoid hearing me.
I think this is because he doesn't care, but oh I don't know. I really do feel alone though and I don't know if I should really call it quits this time or try to work it out. Whenever I talk about it to him, he dismisses it like it isn't important. Like wtf? I listen to him and help him with whatever I can and in return I barely get a thank you.

Update : today we spoke & we worked some things out, which is a good thing! Hopefully things will continue to get better (=
neverdidateachh neverdidateachh 18-21, F 1 Response Jan 23, 2012

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You'll get a lot of advice here ranging from A - Z...from Dump Him to Keep Him. In the end, however, ....and what you think may be The End may not be what he thinks is The End. you may even have to have My The End and His The End...categories. But either way, it's clear that you are both on DIFFERENT PAGES in this relationship. Time to either re-read or move to another chapter.....but it's worth studying over. [BTW, i'm a teacher, in case you can't tell]..