I Don't Think He Cares Anymore...

For two years and 6 months I've been seeing my boyfriend. Over the summer, I declared a break because I was tired of always fighting and I cheated. I was wrong, but in my defense we were done. I didn't plan on getting back with him, but he came to NY to try to work things out with me so that I wouldn't leave he promised things would be different. After a long talk, I told him what I did. He was repulsed by me he didn't want to talk to me but I wouldn't have him walk away from me. We worked through it and I think we got over it.. Anyways, now were back together and whenever I try to talk to him he always says I'm fighting with him, or I'm trying to pick a fight or something not true. He tries to avoid hearing me.
I think this is because he doesn't care, but oh I don't know. I really do feel alone though and I don't know if I should really call it quits this time or try to work it out. Whenever I talk about it to him, he dismisses it like it isn't important. Like wtf? I listen to him and help him with whatever I can and in return I barely get a thank you.

Update : today we spoke & we worked some things out, which is a good thing! Hopefully things will continue to get better (=
neverdidateachh neverdidateachh
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2012