Im Mot Sure If My Boyfriend Loves Me

I have been with my bf for 2 years and 6 months. I really love him very much I have given him my whole self. At the beginning like for the first year and couple of months Ipad his world. He would tell me all the time he loves me and call me and says he misses me. With time he stopped doing that. He would write love cards for me. Now he has separated alot from me. He doesn't.act like before. I feel like he doesn't love me anymore. I have asked him why he isn't so romantic.with mr like before and he says that he is like dat. I ask him to he honest with and to tell me if he doesn't love me anymore. He says he still loves me. Jejeje does mention me in his future. He asked me to marry him on our first.year but no one can know because he says they going to.ask for a date and he doesn't. Have a date yet he wants to have a place to live before he gets married. He doesn't even celebrate our anniversary anymore. He says its like I feel like he doesn't listen to me when I talk to him. I tried to see if he still loves me by asking for time off our relationship and he said ok and that he will wait for me. At the beginning of our relationship we agreed to say to each other if we didn't love each other. He does say he loves me but doesn't put alot of interest. Am I exaggerating. He doesn't hug me as much as before. All he wants to do is sleep. Before when he did something wrong he would apologize but now.he doesn't.
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1 Response May 5, 2012

Have you ever sent her a "leakletter"? is a great service because you can send an anonymous message to him and see how your partner responds. Send an anonymous love letter, for example so you can see how your friends respond to it.