Feel Let Down And Lonely

my fiance and i have been together for a year and 2 months we dont live together i live at my parents he lives at his parents house . things were great at the start going out sitting in and watching movies everything was great, about 6 months into the relationship we started arguing over the littlest of things and things he said would hurt my feelings. he started getting snappy and speaking to alot of girls over social media then me. spoke about alot of girls infront of me too. the only thing he seemed to be happy about was sex, he never is happy around me that much and barely speaks to me when we dont see each other. i feel lonely and let down at times as he seems to be more intrested in his friends then me :( need advice girlies and guys on what i should do!!
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

u shud seriously think about this person as ur engaged to him... before getting married u have to ask urself, will u able to spend ur life with him... dont compromise on small little things but yes, u will have to understand his point of view as well... sit with him n talk to him about the way u feel... communicate n ask close frnds and fmly n then take any big step like MARRIAGE!
all the best... :)

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