Too Good To Be True?

So, I don't even know if we are officially together or not, but I would consider him my boyfriend.
I am oh so very glad I found him b/c he respects my christian worldview and he is very gentle and loving and just very much perfect.

But I am not sure if I am the only girl in his life. I talked with him about it, sure, but he says, there is no one else.
But how can I be sure?
There are things that make me question him and things that make me jealous.

He is someone that is not shy when it comes to body contact. When we are around his friends (girls) he hugs them, tickles them, gives them a quick massage, stuff like that. That stuff makes me jealous, but he says it's part of who he is and I try to believe him and not be jelaous.

But then there is another stuff that really make me question him. He has this friend (girl) that he text messages alot and writes online messages alot with and with who he meets up quiet often. We don't see each other as often, we never text and only rarely write online messages with each other. I don't know if it is because he knows her way longer than he knows me (only about a month now) or not. Last time he had a hickey from her, I wouldn't even have noticed but he pointed it out and told me he got it from her, but without him wanting it. Through this story I found out that sometimes that week before he had slept at her place in her bed, while he told me that he was busy and couldn't see me.

I srsly don't know what to think. I would like to believe him, since friends of mine who know him, have told me he is an honest person and I really like him alot. But I am scared that if I'll continue this relationship that I might be the one who'll end up getting hurt pretty badly.

Fallacia Fallacia
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2010

Problem solved, so to speak ;)!