I Just Dont Know </3

so me and my boyfriend are the type to show our love in public we kiss in frount of everyone i love him i know i do i even he is soo important to me i  had sex with him 4 the 1st time something that is very important to me i fell in love with him the 1st day i met him it was the best filling in my life and i thought everything was great then i though it would be fine to make him a face book so i can put him as the person i was in a relationship with on my facebook so i made him one eveything was going smooth beacuse he only had my personal friends then he started acting wierd and geting mad because i have alot of guy friends he would get pissed when i would talk to them then he told me he didnt want me talking to them and i respect his filling so i did what he asked and stoped then he started to get friends he knew and alot are girls and he would get mad at me saying if you talk to guys i can talk to girls as friends and i told him i never sed he couldnt so then more and more friends he got he would tell me some girls were bugging him and he would lie i would comfrount them and i would look stupid. so then i thought if i told him i trusted him and i wouldnt go on his face book anymore and he told me you still have to give me your password and email so i gave it to him. i stoped going on his face book but all these girls would write on his wall and im like wtf and so i kinda wanted to see if he would flirt with other girls with out brakeing my promis so i made a face book of a really pretty girl and just as i though he did so i was like **** this and went on his facebook and there it was in writeing all kinds of messages him fliting with girls lots of them3 it broke my heart reading all this and hes on vacation right now and he told another girl he wishes he would have brought her :"(( now im not sure what hes doing out there he told me girls were trying to talk to him and he turned them down and noww i dnt bleave it 3 please help me tell me what you think...
lissalovie94 lissalovie94
18-21, F
Jul 9, 2011