my boyfriend and i are celebrating seven and a half years today. i should say my fiancee, but i dont know anymore. i think i caught him cheating yesterday. we have a friend that stays in a room in the BnB she works at, so i make her dinner everynight. i always just thought the way she was always touching people, tickling them in the neck was just one of her things, but recently she's been doing it to my boyfriend. its fun and games at first, but surely she realises how uncomfortable it makes me? one night a few weeks ago, she brought a DVD over to watch on her off night. "I Spit On Your Grave". i've seen it, and i could not put myself through that intro again. i kept busy on my computer while they were watching in the livingroom, and as soon as the worst was over, i joined them in the livingroom. nothing happened, but i suspect that my "friend" would have pounced on my very naive boyfriend had i not come in at that point, because as i entered, she sat up straight, asif something gave her a quick fright. i spoke to my BF about this, and he promised to keep an eye on her behaviour, and to try to do something about it if it happened again. last night, she was sitting on the couch next to him (we only have the one three seater) and started to scratch his back, and tickle his neck. he made it out to be funny, but i could see that he was trying to get her to stop without having to offend her if in fact it was just fun and games. i ended up having to pretend to vomit to get her to stop touching my BF while i was sitting RIGHT THERE NEXT TO THEM!!!!!!!!!

Also earlier the day, his cell went haywire, and he got about 8 messages at once. i asked him what it was, and his response was that his phone was going crazy. i offered to look at it (bit of an IT geek) but he would only let me see the first message that came through (the last on the list). it was for airtime transferred. i could see a number 8 with an wnvelope sign, indicating the number of unread messages. as i was walking away, i heard and counted the amount of beeps, indicating eight messages being deleted. i did aa very un-girlfriendly thing and checked his phone this morning, and the last message he recieved, was from me, from four days ago.

at this moment i'm hoping he would just say that he picked up a ***** fetish, rather than actually making a fool out of me in front of friends and family.

i went through a break up eight years ago, and it broke me. this will destroy me...
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My BF is a peace-keeper. he would rather avoid confrontation than stand up for himself, or me. everytime i try to talk to him about it, we end up arguing about completely different things. we never really do fight, but when we do, it's a blow-up of mass destruction.<br />
just wish there was an easier way to tell him to grow a pair, and start standing up for himself, and me.<br />
<br />
oh, another update, his phone got stolen at work, so for now, no more creepy messages that "dont exist".