Unexplainable Idk's

After being with my boyfriend for 3 years, I found it hard to believe he hadn't cheated on me just because of previous life experience. I had no reason to doubt him for 3 years. Then, one day, we were cleaning out his car and I found an unused panty liner in between the passengers seat and the center arm rest. I asked every girl I knew of that had been in the car, none of which use panty liners, only tampons. Of course I instantly wanted to flip out, instead I calmly asked if he had given someone a ride that I wasn't aware of. He says no, and when I showed him what I found he said he had no idea where it came from and automatically blamed my friends who had been in his car with me. Little did he know that I had already ruled that out. I'm at such a loss. We live together, I don't work, he never "works late", and rarely goes anywhere else without me. I can't figure out how he would have anytime to cheat, but I cannot justify what I found any other way. Now every move he makes feels suspicious. Advice would be appreciated.dar
DarStar710 DarStar710
1 Response May 10, 2012

Well, for one if she had a panty liner, i think it would be rather hard for him to cheat, dont you? and two dont judge your current relationship on your past ones, they probably cheated because it was expected of themm.