Too Far?

I know we all have our doubts and suspicions and insecurities, but something tells me this woman went too far to get hers answered.

Would anyone else do this?

jess7878 jess7878
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2 Responses Jun 16, 2007

I woud do this for a living....that might make me a bad person but I think women have the right to know.

If a woman has to hire someone to do that...I guess she has already made up her mind. Therapy people! A marriage won't be saved by hiring a snoop, the opposite, forever more trust would be destroyed between both parties...unless, of course, the hubby is faithful and never finds out the truth...but what are the chances of that if the wife has suspicions enough to hire someone? <br />
Adultery can actually strengthen a relationship, but I doubt that would happen with this company’s why bother even hiring one of these woman? Just divorce, it'll save you some money.