Secrets Are the Same As Lying

Im not sure if my man is cheating or not, but it feels like it to me. I wont say anything to him about it until I know for sure. He's been doing some weird things lately. He erases his call log. Turns his phone off when he's with me & has people calling from a blocked number, who hang up when I answer. Today I checked his phone while he was in the shower & there was a number he thought he erased on there. I know he tried to erase it because he has one of those old phones where it keeos a notepad of the last number dialed & I doubt he even knows its there. I dont know what to do or say to him about my suspicion. HELP!???!!
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i was helped by a hacker to check if my girl friend was cheating , i visited their website and her email and facebook where hacked in about 30 hours , i was indeed pleased , so you can check them out , i think they would be able to help you
here is their email too or website

dont feed into his ego~ that's my theory. : )) Guys love the chain...they do NOT like unstable/insecure/serious Girls. They like the Happy Girls, whom never complain~ that, wont put up with their ****, in a subtle say...<br />
ok. so: John, 'finally-invited-his-Mom to the new house'...hes had it for almost a yr now, and been fixing it up real nice b4 shes gotten the invite~so, theyre sitn at diner were she's just met his Roommate Jake~(whos a Fine/goodlooker) Ma's not real sure bout Johns sexual preference,she asks John if he or Jake has a Girlfriend? No Mom. But, we are straight. Then,about 6months after that visit,Jake asks John;hey have u seen the sterling SoupLadle? Havent seen it since ur Ma was down for her I'll ask her in a note....he writes, Dear Mom; I am not saying you took it or you didnt,but the fact remains the same...Sterling Ladle is missin Im just hoping,u might remember seeing the soupLadle when you were down&we had supper that last night?Its missing; Mom replys, Dear John; Im not saying you are or you arent, but the fact remains the same;If Jake was sleeping in His Own Bedroom, He would have found that Soup Ladle by now :))

When I read your comment I thought OMG That was me!!!<br />
I hated it, mine was nearly 6 years! I had no proof but I knew she was up to something. Every time her phone rang from a specific number she suddenly had a hearing impairment, or was to amused in something else to much to answer it, in front of me anyway!<br />
Behind my back was a whole other story, i ended up coming to terms I needed some kind of "thing" i could do to get her to tell me, and figuring I had little money at the time shopped around a lot to find something that would help. I ended up with this,<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
I came to 2 conclusions<br />
1. I could keep waiting and hope for her to tell me herself (which wouldn't of happened I believe)<br />
2. Do myself a favor and get what i needed to "put something on the table" so to speak that was undeniable and go from there<br />
<br />
I cant refer this enuff,<br />
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Maybe he's a spy.<br />
I'm just kidding, but it seems that if you're putting that much energy into tracking him, you must have a pretty strong feeling that something's up.<br />
<br />
I feel bad when people are feeling this kind of anxiety and worry. I don't think anyone deserves it. There can be relationships where trust is the foundation. Where trust is a given. Why settle for anything else?

I strongly agree with you, why settle for something else!!
I think my bf is cheating me too ...we are in long distance relationship. Read my stories... you will understand.

u should call the number using a restricted phone and see who picks up first. your proof may be in that. i know when i first felt like my boyfriend was cheating that is what i did. then i confronted him. the truth came out that his ex had contacted him and he went to see her. after i put my foot so far up his uranus. and told him he could either go see her or be with me the calls stopped and so did he with her

Your story sounds exactly like my best friend's situation. She never got a straight answer though... He was used to lying to her and many other girls for years... so he never admitted anything, even when he was caught. Later on the truth came out, but he just acted aggressive and manipulative while still denying... So, although you do deserve the truth and understanding... It takes a person with integrity to respect that. AND...if someone is 'cheating' integrity probably is not their strong point.<br />
<br />
If he is not cheating... then he will likely try to be kind and reassuring towards you. After he consoles you, just ask him to always keep his phone open and not erase messages ect... and that you both should be open with who you are talking to, emailing etc...

If I were you, I would try to ask him - in a calm and non-attacking manner - if there are any problems that he wants to talk about. Tell him that you feel he's been distant lately and that you feel like he's been secretive, which is making you uncomfortable. After three years of dating, you should be able to broach a conversation with him. I wish I had done so when I started to suspect that my fiance was cheating on me. Especially because, when I started to suspect him, he hadn't yet done anything with her and I could have possibly stopped it before it happened. Instead he cheated on me for four months before I finally faced him about it and got the truth. Ask for the truth, it's your right.

We've been together a lil over 3 years now.