Long Story

i been with my boyfriend for 3 months, he is supposively seperated from his wife but still lives in the same house and tells me they sleep seperately he says he does it for his kids. he use to stay with me from when he woke up until he went to bed at night. but lately everytime she calls him that she needs something he runs, or he explains himself to her i tell him all the time he don't have tell her anything if they are supposively seperated it isn't any of her business. we use to wrap our arms around each other all the time, now we barely even hold hands and i am lucky i get one kiss a day from him. i confronted him and he tells me i am just being paranoid, but my gut feelings is that he is doing something with her. i love him but i think he is still with her cuz he won't move out of that house and he always runs for her and i have this gut instinct there is more going on than what he tells me.

depressedgirl depressedgirl
1 Response Mar 28, 2009

go with your gut.