I Gotta Feelin..

Ok we havn't been together that long but i like him and he claims that he really likes me to. His behavior hasn't changed. Like he texts me in the morning, he calls me daily, like i feel that he really likes me just by the way he looks at me and he always wants to hang out. i mean hes introduced me to his friends and his brother and im cool with all of them, but just last Friday my friend told me that he went to a party a while back and got a girls number(Her older sisters number) and he invited them over. See he tells me everything that goes on through his day but its starting to fit together. He told me alot of people came over to is brothers place and that he only knew 2 people there( my friends sister and her friend) But he didnt tell me that it was them. Her sister said their supposidly talking which could be a mix up because he could just be making friends. Have someone to hang with at the parties. He told me that i dont have to worry about cheating. And he also asked me do i get jealous easily. I guess he was wondering if i would get mad that he hangs with other girls when he goes out and parties. i wouldnt get mad cse i dont get jealous. i just dont like shady behavior. And i know for a fact that he hasnt mentioned me to her, even though she knows now cse her sister told her. its ike hes in a relationship by day and single by night( well unless im with him) It feels like im in an open relatonship. I know for a fact that he would get pissed if he knew i was talking to other people on the side. But i really dont know his intentions with her. But i'm going to find out though sooner or later

RisseeRis RisseeRis
18-21, F
Oct 4, 2009